Statue of Slave Kneeling Before President Lincoln Removed After 141 Years | 22 Words

A controversial monument has finally been removed after standing for 141 years...

2020 has been the year of change.

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The Black Lives Matter movement is more prominent than ever before as people finally take a stand against the blatant racism occurring all over the world.

And one of the most popular methods of getting the message across?

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Well, it's tearing down statues and monuments of historically racist figures.

Tearing down the statues of slave traders and other controversial figures has been very prevalent on social media...

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And boy, is it long overdue. Keep scrolling to see the best examples of racist figures finally being recognized for what they were...

One of the first instances was the vandalism of a statue of former Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, in London, England.

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Despite Churchill being celebrated for the role he played in carrying his country through World War II, his history with racism is incredibly problematic, and he is credited for the death of millions of Kenyans and Indians.

And it didn't take long for this message to reach the United States...

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A statue of Christopher Columbus in Virginia was suddenly torn down and defaced - the monument was ninety-three years old and had been standing there to commemorate the Italian explorer.

Controversy has surrounded Columbus' name for many years now...

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His transatlantic voyages unlocked an entire continent for European colonization and turned the Italian explorer into a modern symbol of conquest and violence for native Americans.

Protestors completely dislodged the statue...

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And this is when things turned ugly.

The statue was set on fire and covered in graffiti...

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And protesters then dumped it in Richmond's Fountain lake as a final demand for justice.

Over in Portland, George Washington was then ripped from his stand and set on fire.

In images captured by Garrison Davis, you can see the old statue has been defaced and vandalized before being set on fire along with a burning flag. In the end, the statue was dragged into a lake and left there to sink.

The American Museum of Natural History then announced the removal of a prominent monument of theirs...

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The statue of the former president, Theodore Roosevelt, who has been embroiled in controversy for decades.

The majority of people online have spoken in favor of this movement...

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And many believe that all statues of anyone affiliated with slavery and racism in any form should be torn down permanently.

And now, after standing for 141 years...

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Boston has removed its statue of a slave kneeling before Lincoln.

The Boston mayor's office confirmed the "Emancipation Group" statue has been removed...

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Which had stood in Park Square since 1879.

A spokeswoman for Mayor Marty Walsh said: "We're pleased to have taken it down this morning."

"As expressed by so many during the public process this year, we fully agree that the statue should be relocated to a new publicly accessible location where its history and context can be better explained."

She continued...

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"The decision for removal acknowledges the statue's role in perpetuating harmful prejudices and obscuring the role of Black Americans in shaping the nation's fight for freedom."

The statue is actually a replica of the one in Washington D.C...

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And shows President Lincoln in a suit standing above a former slave kneeling before him.

Lincoln can also be seen holding the Emancipation Proclamation in his right hand.

Boston artist Thomas Ball was the original artist, and the statue was completed in 1876.

The statue's removal comes after the nationwide movement to remove racist statues...

According to reports, there has always been "criticism of the statue," but a petition started back in June to remove the statue brought it back to the surface.

The petition was created by actor and activist Tory Bullock...

And received over 12,700 signatures in total.

Bullock later said: "It's an amazing funeral, I'm here to provide a silent eulogy for this piece of artwork that's been here for 141 years."

"I'm proud, I'm Black and I'm young. This image has been doing a lot of disservice to African Americans in Boston and now it stops." Reports have stated the statue will be held in storage until they can find a new location. For more on the BLM movement, scroll on...