Stay-at-Home Mom Films Everything She Does in a Day After Boyfriend Says She Doesn’t Do Anything

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A stay-at-home mom has filmed everything she does in just one day after her boyfriend said she does nothing while he works.

The mom went viral after she posted the video online showing everything she does, single-handedly, as a hard working mom.

Posted by the TikTok user Sierra Nicole, the video, which has more than 12 million views, helps to dispel the widespread misconception that stay-at-home moms don’t do much and can take it easy.

In the video, Nicole explains that her boyfriend said “she doesn’t do anything at all while he works all day,” so she thought she would take a video of all that she does.

The video begins by showing Nicole “doing the dishes and feeding my daughter dinner and making her smoothie with fruits and vegetables, so she’ll eat it.”

It then moves on to her cleaning the kitchen, changing her sons diaper, getting her daughters bath ready and washing her daughters hair.

“I got her into her pyjamas,” Nicole then explains. “She’s super picky about what she wears and she has to have socks, so we picked which socks she’s wanted.”

“And then, she wanted to see the TV. I had my son situated and then I folded some laundry,” she continued. “Then it was time to clean up the dining room and my daughter’s dining area, and it was time to put her to bed.”

Nicole does all this before eventually eating half of her dinner, dealing with a diaper disaster, and coming back to finish the rest.

Eventually, Nicole finishes cleaning and tidying for the day and she can finally enjoy a drink instead of making her partner his dinner as she always does, as she says: “I just want to say a big f**k you to all the guys who don’t appreciate their woman.”

It’s clear to see from the video, Nicole works hard during the day and the idea that she doesn’t has caused an outrage online.

Many people came to her defence, praising stay-at-moms for their “hard work.”

“Oh, for the day women can be taken at their word about this! I’ve never worked as hard as when I was home with young children. I enjoyed it, but to hear about someone who does not appreciate this work is hurtful,” one person wrote.

“Whew, this reminded me why I work and could not be a stay at home mom. It’s crazy making, very tough. I was not cut out for it. Makes you respect your mom and other moms so much..hard work,” said another.

“When his day at work ends, his work is over. A stay-at-home mom doesn’t have set hours or vacation,” said a third.

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