Imagine being told you'll never be able to have children only to watch your wife give birth to your son just ten months later? You would think it's some sort of miracle. But sometimes, the answer is a little simpler than that as Stephen Greenwood discovered.

The fifty-five-year-old from Montgomery in Wales was told by medical professionals that he would never be able to conceive a child due to his health, but after cutting out bread from his diet to try and control his diabetics, he discovered that the simple move had drastically affected his fertility.

As a teenager, Stephen suffered a twisted testicle which meant that he had a low sperm count to begin with and his wife, Rachel, also suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome which has also affected the couple's likelihood to conceive.

However, things took a turn after the new father decided to ditch bread from his diet. He realized he wasn't suffering from yeast infections as much as he used to which increased his fertility rates so much so that the couple was left speechless when they found out that Rachel was twenty-one weeks pregnant only 5 months after Stephen made the dietary alteration.

On July 1st, the forty-one-year-old mother gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy and the pair couldn't be happier.

Stephen told Wales Online this: "My wife is absolutely ecstatic and I can't stop crying every day. It's just the most incredible feeling."

He continued: "To think that I'm retired from the police and I can now spend every day at home with my baby boy is absolutely out of this world. I stopped eating anything with yeast in it in September, just cut it right out. Within two weeks, my infections had ceased, and 5 months later, my wife was pregnant.

"It's such a wonderful miracle, I want to get it out there and tell people not to give up hope. Everybody is different, our bodies change and you just never know."

Prior to the shock pregnancy, Rachel and Stephen had considered IVF but sadly, due to Stephen's extremely low sperm count,, the process wasn't something they could attempt.

Stephen said this: "We were desperate to have children together but when we ran out of options, we just had to accept that we would never be parents. It was devastating, but we came to terms with it and still enjoyed our lives together with it being just the two of us."

He also added: "We've never taken any fertility pills so this was completely unplanned. We've never used contraception, ever since we were teenagers, as we believed we'd never have kids, and then this miracle happened!"

When Stephen got the call from his wife after she was admitted to the hospital, he couldn't believe the news.

"The nurse said 'Oh my god, you've got a beautiful bouncy, very active, very large twenty-one-week old baby boy, and he's due on July 16th.' I went from my knees to ecstatic, as you can imagine! It was a miracle."

And now the new parents are living their best lives with their baby boy, Oliver. Congratulations!