Twelve years after the final Twilight book was released, Stephenie Meyer has announced that the 5th installment to the Twilight franchise is set to be released this year, and it has an incredibly exciting twist...


At some point in our lives, we were all infatuated by Twilight.

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And if you say you weren't - You're simply lying to yourself.

Twilight started out as a series of novels.

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Written by the American author, Stephenie Meyer in 2008, the Twilight novel series has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

They quickly became the romance novels of the noughties...

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And millions of us found ourselves engrossed in the love story of the brooding vampire, Edward Cullen, and the slightly awkward and outcast Bella Swan.

Meyer's vampire romance stories were a roaring success...

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And, in 2008, Summit Entertainment released their adaptation of the novels with the first movie, Twilight.

And, much like their novel counterparts, the movies were an instant hit.

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With Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson taking on the lead roles of Bella and Edward, Stephanie's love story was not only brought to life - It was turned into a total phenomenon.

The world quickly became Twilight obsessed.

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And it wasn't difficult to see why.

Meyer had shined a whole new light onto the fantasy world of vampires.

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Instead of portraying vampires as the typical blood-thirsty creatures that dwell in the darkness of gothic castles, she instead created a whole new league of vampires that we all quickly fell in love with.

The Cullens were a whole new type of vampire...

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And we were all here for it.

Not only do these modern vampires mingle with regular humans...

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They also fit in perfectly with society by attending high school, holding down jobs, and doing basic day-to-day human tasks.

Oh, and the sparkle in the sunlight.

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Rather than burning and dissolving into ash in the daylight, Meyer's take on the supernatural creatures sparkle and glisten when the sun shines on them.

It is a truly remarkable take on the typical world of vampires.

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And, understandably, fans have been wondering over the years whether Stephenie will be bringing anything else to the Twilight story.

As it stands, there are 4 Twilight books...

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

But now, over a decade on from the release of the last novel...

There is finally going to be a fifth.

In incredibly exciting news this week, Stephenie Meyer has confirmed that there is one more Twilight novel coming our way.

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Midnight Sun is going to be the 5th installment in the Twilight series, and it carries with it an exciting twist...

The full thing is written from Edward Cullen's perspective.

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As you will all know, the first 4 Twilight novels were written from the perspective of Bella, meaning we never truly got an insight into Edward's complicated mind.

But now, we will finally get a glimpse.

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Stephenie had actually begun writing Edward's story many years ago, but stopped in 2008 when some chapters were leaked.

But, evidently, she found the inspiration to pick up her pen again.

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Speaking on Good Morning America, Stephenie explained, "It’s a crazy time right now and I wasn’t sure it was the right time to put this book out, but some of you have been waiting for just so so long it didn’t seem right to make you wait anymore."

Fans have suspected for a while that a new project was in the works...

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Meyer posted an intriguing countdown timer on her official website earlier on in the month, which only spurred speculation further.

And hardcore Twilight fans have never given up hope.

It's needless to say that they are incredibly excited... Though will they still be Team Edward after reading his book?

Midnight Sun will be hitting our shelves on August 4th.

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