Steve Carell Scrapped Controversial ‘Dead Horse’ Joke in Classic Episode of ‘The Office’

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Steve Carell allegedly scrapped a controversial joke from a popular episode of The Office, a former producer of the show has claimed.

Keep scrolling to find out what the joke was and why it was considered to be so controversial…

Out of all the sitcoms, The Office reigns supreme.

Originally airing in 2005, the comedy was an instant hit and, over the years, it has grown to become one of the most popular shows of all time.

Some of you may not realize, but The Office is actually a remake.

Our version of the show is based loosely on the 2001 British BBC series of the same name, which was written by comedian and actor, Ricky Gervais.

So, working with NBC, Gervais decided to make an American adaptation.

And thus, The Office we all know and love was born.

The pilot episode of our version of the mockumentary was based heavily around the script of the British pilot but, as the seasons went on and the show grew in popularity, the American adaptation became steadily more unique.

Michael Scott was more like a big child and, though he could be just as awkward and petty as the original boss, was notably loveable in a way that Brent could never achieve.

Before finally coming to an emotional end in 2013.

Over the years, The Office gained a faithful cult following…

And, with it being available to stream on Netflix, it still remains just as popular today.

People absolutely love the show.

In spite of the fact that it finished over 7 years ago, fans have remained loyal. The Office-based humor has a good presence on the internet, and the show will likely continue its reign of popularity for years to come.

There are certain scenes from The Office that will never get old.

Like this scene of unfortunate accountant Kevin dropping a gigantic tub of chilli, which is equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking.

Who remembers when Pam got wasted at a work event at Chili’s? Jenna Fischer, the actress who portrayed the receptionist, posted this iconic tweet last year.

Who remembers when Jim complained about Dwight throwing the most depressing birthday party imaginable – complete with brown and grey deflated balloons and that iconic “banner”?

Michael Scott, the boss, is pictured here about to jump off the office building to prove a point to his co-workers.

But, out of all the incredible moments and jokes that The Office has provided over the years…

There was one joke that was apparently deemed way too controversial to ever go out on air.

Andy Greene’s, The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s, delves into the history of the hit sitcom and shares stories of experiences of both the writers and the cast members.

And it was all over the feature of a “dead horse.”

As most of you will remember, this 2-part episode, which was written by Greg Daniels and Mindy Kaling, is primarily centered around Jim and Pam getting married at a Niagra Falls ceremony.

In the book, director Paul Feig explained, “Originally, it was supposed to be that Pam and Jim are in the middle of the ceremony and Roy [Pam’s ex] has been haunting around and regretting that he let her go and wanted her back. When they were in the middle of the ceremony, it was supposed to be that Roy rides into the church on horseback dressed as a white knight to win her back.”

Dwight was written to steal Roy’s horse, ride up to the falls, only to have second thoughts about jumping. The horse, however, would bolt over the falls and come crashing down behind Jim and Pam, who were taking part in a romantic boat ride.

“Steve was the first one to speak up,” producer Randy Cordray recalled. “He said, ‘Guys, I love the episode but you can’t throw a horse over Niagara Falls.’ And Greg and Mindy were like, ‘Really? But it’s so funny.’”

Cordray continued: “And he’s like, ‘Yes, it is funny. I love your writing. I love all of you, but this is really an animated joke. This is a cartoon joke. This is a joke we might see on The Simpsons.'”

He acknowledged that The Office has featured far-fetched jokes in the past…

But nothing to that extent. He had apparently continued by saying, “I know many people think that The Office has already jumped the shark in many different ways, but let me just say, throwing a horse over Niagara Falls is really jumping the shark. I’m not in favour of this.”

And, boy, are we glad it was. For more on the hit sitcom, keep scrolling to read more facts from behind-the-scenes that you may not have known before…