Stevie Nicks Opened up About Her Abortion and Said ‘There Would Have Been No Fleetwood Mac Without It’

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Her brave admission shows the importance of freedom of choice for women.

And she’s now spoken out about a decision that massively impacted the band.

Now, Fleetwood Mac has been around for decades.

Formed back in 1967, the British-American rock band has cemented themselves as one of the most timeless bands in the world.

Along with drummer Mick Fleetwood, bassist John McVie, and slide guitarist Jeremy Spencer.

Fleetwood Mac found instant success with its debut album and the hit single Albatross in 1968.

But shortly after this, the band went through a number of personnel changes including Green’s departure and the addition of McVie’s wife, Christine.

They gave the band the injection of pop that resulted in the multimillion-selling Fleetwood Mac in 1975 and Rumours.

Rumors gave insight into the breakups of John McVies’ marriage and Buckingham and Nicks’s turbulent relationship…

And this even won the band a Grammy Award for album of the year.

And even though only 6 solid members remain, they continue to sell out every single tour they embark on and hold a huge worldwide fan base.

But thanks to the power of social media and a recent viral video, youngsters are now obsessed with one of the band’s most iconic tracks.

“Dreams” comes from the band’s 1977 album Rumours

And although it’s always been a fan favorite, the track has now been plunged back into the limelight thanks to a mesmerizing TikTok video.

The Idaho-based laborer, who goes by the TikTok user name 420doggface208, filmed himself cruising along on his skateboard with a bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry-raspberry juice in hand… listening to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

Reports are in that thanks to the video, Rumours, the album that “Dreams” is on, is now back in the charts.

The Independent has reported that since Apodaca’s video was uploaded, “Dreams” has received 8.47 million streams in the U.S alone.

Which just goes to show the incredible power of social media!

And the internet is admiring her honestly.

There’s just no way that I could have had a child then, working as hard as we worked constantly,” she explained.

And I knew that the music we were going to bring to the world was going to heal so many people’s hearts and make people so happy.”

“If President Trump wins this election and puts the judge he wants in, she will absolutely outlaw it and push women back into back-alley abortions.” Want more from Fleetwood Mac? Scroll on…