New York Career Coach Shares Why You Should Stop Apologizing at Work

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A career coach from New York has shared some tips on how to stop apologizing at work, but not everyone’s on board with her techniques.

New York-based coach Sam DeMase shared some advice on her Instagram account, telling her followers to replace the word “sorry” for more confident phrases.

According to her, “Sorry I’m late” turns into “Thank you for waiting” and “Sorry I’ve messed that up” is swapped for “Thank you for the feedback.”

​In the video, she listed a few scenarios in which these examples could be used.

The first was when you’re late for a meeting. Sam claimed that instead of saying “Sorry I’m late,” like one normally would, the employee should say “Thank you for your patience, I appreciate it.”
And when they’ve made a mistake, she added that people shouldn’t say “Sorry I’ve messed that up.” Instead, they should reply with “Thanks for the info, I will get up to speed on that.”
In another instance, she said it was better to reply “Thank you for the feedback, I’ll get on it next time,” rather than “Sorry I’ll do better next time.”

​She claimed that by just swapping out those phrases, you can come across as more “confident” which will enhance your overall career prospects.

​Even though over 780,000 people liked the video, others questioned her intentions in the comments, saying if you’re late for a meeting and you don’t apologize, you’re going to look like a bad person, not a confident one.

As much as I admire the faux confidence, I don’t think I’ll be trying that out on my bosses. They sign my paycheck, not the other way round.

Watch the video above and see if you agree with Sam’s advice or not.