Gender reveal parties have been getting out of hand recently. And now, experts say it's time to ditch the "damaging" trend.

What they have to say makes a lot of sense...

Is it time to do away with gender reveal parties for good?


Or are they just harmless fun?

Finding out the gender of a baby is an exciting concept...

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Any parents-to-be, whether they like to admit it or not, have a burning curiosity as to what gender their child will to be.

Parents are often eager to find out so that they can begin preparations...

A lot of parents like to know the gender of their child before it is born in order for them to prepare for the arrival. Some people like to decide on a name before birth, to buy clothes for their baby, and to decorate a room for their child.

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it all depends on the parents-to-be.

It is a choice completely up to the parents and others should respect that.

But for those who decide that they want to find out...

The gender reveal isn't just a case of finding out the sex anymore.

A party has to be thrown, and it has to be a huge deal.

What ever happened to just finding out and leaving it there?

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Long gone are the days when people would find out their baby's sex at a scan and just going home happy as Larry.

Some have even been done on television...

A little OTT, if you ask me...

It gets even worse...

One lizard-loving dad went to extreme lengths to use an alligator to reveal the gender of his child.

Now things are just getting out of hand...

The most popular method of gender reveal?

Rather than go on television or use a damned alligator, most parents prefer to use confetti or smoke cannons for the dramatic reveal of their unborn child.

While many love the idea of gender reveals, there has been some controversy surrounding them.


One gender reveal party gone wrong actually caused widespread wildfires in California last year. And, more recently, a soon-to-be dad died when a gender reveal device exploded.

Twenty-six-year-old Evan Silva was part of the group of family members waiting to find out the exciting news outside a house in Michigan...


When the canon exploded hitting Silva with shrapnel and tragically killing him.

Now experts have said enough is enough...


Additionally, many people disagree with the idea of "gender reveals" altogether.

Aside from being dangerous, some have said it's totally archaic and wrong.


As it's "choosing" the baby's gender.

People have a lot to say on the topic...


Recently, a pediatrician has spoken out saying it's time we stop these parties for good.


Dr. Alok Patel said that gender reveals play into societal stereotypes that "gender is binary."

Another board-certified pediatrician also said that assuming gender can be dangerous...


Dr. Rochelle Wilson, a board-certified pediatric endocrinologist, said that the gender announced may not be the same as what the child feels.

She said sometimes babies can be born with a different gender too.


"What the general public most likely does not realize is that anything can happen during pregnancy, more specifically, the chromosomes may say one thing, yet the development of external (genitalia) and internal (ovaries) reproductive structures may not coincide," she said.

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