It's no lie that medical supplies have been in short supply since the outbreak, hospitals have been inundated with patients, and doctors and nurses are doing all they can to ensure people are safe and recover as quickly as possible.

But amidst the coronavirus pandemic, there have come some truly ingenious stories. Keep scrolling for the clever way one store took a stand ...

Hospitals have been running out of supplies.

This is due to the unprecedented amount of people using their services. Unless you're Jared Leto, you'll be more than aware of the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping our planet.

We have been bombarded left right and center with information on the virus.

We all know it's believed to have come from the consumption of wild animals in China. But regardless of where it came from, this isn't the issue anymore, what are we doing to tackle the outbreak?

The majority of major countries have now been affected...

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And lockdowns have been set in place globally, including the likes of Italy and the United Kingdom - which was announced earlier this week by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

But here in the United States...

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Things have escalated out of control.

Initially, the president reassured us that "everything was fine"...

But little did he know of what was to come.

The death toll here in the States has rocketed in the last month...

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There are now a total of 54,941 cases across the country, and so far, 784 people have died from the virus.

On the 13th of March, President Trump finally declared a national emergency...

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And this is when things began to get really serious.

So many people have been left without jobs...

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And it's safe to say that the panic is well and truly setting in.

People have been stockpiling their groceries to the extreme amidst the self-isolation requirements...

And this has left the shelves in supermarkets all around the world empty.

This stockpiling is not only unnecessary...

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But it is also extremely selfish as nothing has been left for the elderly and vulnerable who aren't able to easily access their local supermarkets.

Products such as toilet paper, soaps, and hand sanitizers have been left completely sold out...

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And so many people around the world have been left without these vital day-to-day items.

Authorities have been urging people to stop this selfish stockpiling...

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But they simply won't listen.

But one store in Denmark had an ingenious idea.

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They came up with a unique method to prevent sanitizer hoarding.

Which we're hoping will catch on!

These shortages don't just hurt those who can't get sanitizer, after all.

It's not only selfish - it's illogical, too.

For you to stay safe, everyone needs access to clean hands. Got it?

Well, some people don't.

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Many out there are still trying to boost their own supplies of hand sanitizer without thinking of others.

So leading Danish supermarket, Rotunden, came up with a plan.

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"Dear Customers, We have a great responsibility to keep the business running, and we can only do that with everyone’s help and understanding."

They came up with a clever pricing plan for their sanitizer.

One bottle, $6. Two bottles, $200. Smart!

People are impressed with this one simple move.

And we have to hope other shops will follow suit. Hoarding now comes with a hefty pricetag! If you currently have a lot of time on your hands over this quarantine period, scroll on to see everything coming to Netflix in April...