Outraged Vegan Woman Accuses Store of Tricking Her Into Eating Meat

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As a vegetarian, I’m always cautious about the foods I select in superstores, restaurants, and even fast-food chains. But, I’d never suspect any one of these chains to falsely advertise, or trick me into eating meat.

But, according to one vegan superstore customer, that’s exactly what has happened to her…

A vegan customer has taken to social media in a rage after reportedly being tricked into eating meat…

As the woman was shopping in the section she believed to be free from meat at the Australian Coles Superstore, she picked up a chicken product that certainly wasn’t for vegans, leaving her devastated after tucking into the food at home.
And, she’s not on her own either.
Many vegetarians and vegans alike always have to be extremely thorough when picking out meat-free products, because more often than not, “free from gluten” products are displayed among “free-from meat” ones.

So, the woman reached out to Coles through Twitter in a not-so-nice message. 

“@Coles Is it intentional that you put non-vegan products on the shelf between 2 vegan products? I am disgusted that you’ve just tricked me into buying & eating chicken when we are all trying so hard to save the planet. Do you not care at all?#climateaction #consumerprotection.” she wrote.
And shared alongside her caption, was a photograph of a 5-tier shelf at Coles superstore displaying 1 shelf of free from gluten products between other vegan products.

A spokesperson for Coles spoke to 7News about the incident.

“We have a growing number of customers choosing to purchase vegan and meat-alternative products and we are working hard to continue to expand that range to meet their demands.
“Where possible we group similar items together, but this is not always possible due to the different shelf space and layouts in our stores across our network. We are concerned to hear about this customer’s experience and have referred this issue to the National Grocery Space Department for their consideration.”

Someone also shared a similar frustration underneath the comments on the Twitter post…

“Yep, this is dumb. I have been barking up this tree for years. I’m the person who eats the free from gluten stuff and I can tell you we don’t want our food near yours either, vegans ruin gluten-free food, bad enough we have to eat gluten-free, but then to pick up something vegan…”
Not quite sure whether he’s with her or against her here. But either way, he doesn’t want his free from gluten food near vegan food either!

If you want to see how the customer became so confused, have a look for yourself:

What do you think of the matter? Do you think Coles tricked her?