Grocery Store Worker Shares the ‘Same Stupid Thing’ Every Customer Says at Checkout

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A grocery store worker has revealed the things that every customer says when they come to the checkout…

There’s no denying that sometimes it can be a little awkward when your stood at the grocery store checkout.

You don’t want to stand in silence, but equally, you don’t want to start a full conversation.

So, you revert to small talk…

Asking “how’s your day?” or “has it been busy?”

Well, it seems that a lot of us do it as one grocery store worker has revealed the 5 things every customer does when they go to a checkout.

And it’s started quite the conversation online…

TikTok user, charlie.smth, took to the platform to reveal the things that customers do at checkouts that that staff finding very annoying.

Charlie posted the video, which has been more than 600,000 times, with the title: “Five things that customers say that always get on retail worker’s nerves.”

Charlie first pointed out in the video that when workers are on the checkouts and a product is not scanning, customers often feel the need to say: “Oh it must be for free then.”

To which she adds: “No Stacey, it isn’t for free, the bar-codes just not f***ing scanning.”

In the second point, Charlie explains that sometimes she tries to avoid customers coming over to her.

“Number 2, ‘oh you look bored, I’ll come to you.’ When you are just happily minding your own business,” she said. “No, I’m not bored, I’m just avoiding customers.”

In her third point, Charlie calls out customers who don’t pay attention.

She says customers will not pay attention to what’s going on around them and then when they notice that the till is free, they will say: “Oh sorry dear I was away with the fairies.”

“No Karen, you were scrolling through Facebook, criticizing other people’s parenting techniques instead of looking in front of you to see that the other customer had gone.”

Charlie highlights out that her 4th point is one of the most common things that people will say to the worker.

She explains that when customers start loading “a whole 2 weeks food shop onto your till,” they all say the same thing…

“Oh, I only came in for 1 thing.”

Charlie explains that she then has to laugh “and pretend you haven’t heard that thirteen other times in the past half an hour.” 

And then, the 5th and final point that Charlie makes is directed at customers who ask the price of a product, “when they could looked on the shelf.”

“Then they have the audacity to act surprised when they see the price,” she said. “Why couldn’t you have looked at the label that was directly under the item you picked up.”

We have to admit, we’ve done them all!

Have you?