Everyone knows about sugar daddies, but how many people know that you can have a sugar mama too? Do you have a sugar mama? You know, a lady who buys you things and takes you out for fancy dinners in exchange for, well, that's between you and your sugar mama.

You might not have a sugar mama, but a lot of people on the Internet do, apparently. Recently Reddit exploded with people sharing stories of their sugar mamas past and present. And people were definitely not holding back. (Ok and I'm sure a lot of them were making these up, but everything on the Internet is true, right? Isn't that a law?)

Here are some of the wildest stories of sugar mamas who bought their sugar babies everything from cars to $800 dinners to Xboxes to Chipotle burritos. (Mama knows what you like: gauc. And oh yeah, she knows it's extra. Mama don't mind).

The first one is kind of sweet.

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Met a 30-year-old widow on Xbox when I was 19. She said she played Xbox to pass the day because she was financially set for life when her husband passed and wanted to make some Xbox friends. We start playing more and more until I couldn't keep up because my controller and headset broke. She asked for my address and after a week, I got a brand new controller and headset. I couldn't thank her enough and asked what I could do in return, to which she replied to just keep playing with her.

Over the next few years, she occasionally buys me new games when they came out and even a few Collectors Editions if I wanted them. Eventually, we drifted apart because I couldn't find time play with my school and work schedule. -A_Ron24

Sugar mamas who buy tons of delicious food sound like the best kind of sugar mamas.

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Six or so years ago I was just out of college in Southern California, living with my grandpa, and asked out a Chinese grad student after meeting her at work. On our second date, she picked me up in a shiny black Audi. Said her parents leased it for her. We went to a Chinese restaurant. I had paid for food on our first date and just assumed I would keep on doing so, despite making $15/hour at the time, because I’m a RED-BLOODED (Korean) AMERICAN MAN. So when she started ordering lobster, duck, and enough food to feed 8 I started getting a bit nervous. The check came and I reached for it, but she snatched it away. Got out her wallet and pulled out three Benjamins like it was nothing. And when she did that, I couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of the stack of crisp bills, all which seemed to have a similar pattern w/ Benjamin Franklin’s bald head peeking out the top. She had to of had at least 2 Gs in there. “I don’t like going to the bank so I just get it all at once," she said. I had way less in my name than she had in her wallet lmao. Anyway, she paid for the $200+ meal AND let me have the leftovers. Had my meals set for the next week.

From then on we alternated paying for dates. My meals would be $ or $$ on yelp, hers $$$+.

She eventually would pay for Disneyland tickets, Laker games, and some fantastic meals before ~5 months later she graduated, her student visa expired, and she went back to China.  She was really down to earth too. Once we went to a spot near Downtown and she street-parked in Skid Row. I advised against it, motioning to the homeless encampments, but she said it was no big deal. Chill.

Her English was good enough to hold a conversation, but once we were lying in bed and it was kind of a lull, and she said out of the blue “I’m funnier in Chinese" which I thought was hilarious, but also sad.

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Maybe because of that, we didn’t text much outside of planning our weekends. I sometimes wondered whether she had 2 or 3 boyfriends she was just cycling through lol. She didn’t have Facebook, only Weibo? Or some other Chinese social media. I texted her a few years ago but the normally blue bubbles were now green. Still, we had a lot of fun and she helped get me through those post-grad broke-ass blues. Hope she’s doing alright. -samlet

Wait, two years?!

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Yoga studio owner/my yoga instructor had me quit my job, move in with her, and go to all her classes for almost two years. Sex and intimacy were both great throughout. She spoiled me (traveling, shopping, concerts, gifts) and paid for everything but my self-esteem suffered greatly. We broke up when my depression hit me hard.

Was kinda fun being on two-year vacation but hard to explain the gap on my resume. -austinwolf

This just sounds lovely.

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The summer I was 21 I danced at a club and then went home with a woman who was 31 at the time. She wasn't exactly a sugar mama in that she didn't have any money herself - she was a teacher and a single mom - but she knew tons of people and she got invited to some really nice parties and events.

That summer was a blast. She taught me a ton about cooking, we had killer sex, she had fun slummin' it with my friends, I got to be her arm candy at all kinds of parties in really nice houses, some private rooms at clubs, art show after parties, things like that.

We never really made it anything official. We always joked that I was her pool boy and she was my caught cougar. As the school year started we both settled into different routines and drifted apart a bit.

To this day the most amicable split I've ever had in a relationship that lasted longer than a month. -alexthealex

Classic sugar mama story.

In my early 20's I met an older woman around mid-40s in a bar. She was drinking alone and I stood by her to order a drink. She leaned over and gave me all kinds of compliments about my body. I said thanks and that she looked great too. She gave me her business card (realtor) and told me to text her around 2 am. I did. She rolled up to my place in a super nice Benz. Woke up and she was gone. Next weekend she texted me an address and to be there at 8 pm and to clear my entire weekend for her. I did. She had a really nice 8-bedroom house.

She was WILD, taught me a thing or two and let me explore all kinds of things I didn't even know I was interested in. The next weekend, it was the same thing. I showed up and she had so much stuff for me. Really nice high-end clothes and shoes. We had a good time.

Then she fell off the face of the Earth. I don't regret it one bit. She was really nice and spoiled me. She made me food and would bring it to me while I was in bed. Massaged my body every day. She would sleep in a different room and we would have long conversations about anything and everything.

The burrito sounds like the best part tbh.

My mom, who works as a massage therapist, told me her boss (42) at her spa thought I (19) at the time) was hot when my mom showed her pictures of me. Ended up getting an add on Facebook from her, and she told me to come down to the downtown spa where she worked at during her lunch break. Got an hour massage, crazy sex on the table, $50 and a Chipotle burrito. -puffyhead1

This is like sugar mama Inception.

Had a sugar mama once. Then she moved back to Belgium. Her friend moved back so I had a new sugar mama for a while. Turns out neither of them were actually sugar Mamas. They had sugar daddies and we're spending the sugar daddy's money on me. Also, I found out they wanted me to marry them for citizenship. I didn't want to get married. The second one had a baby and named it after me. That was terrifying. They taught me how to play the piano. It was lovely. -Evilnutbutter

A sugar mama kidnapping?

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A friend of mine told me this story where an Asian woman he was seeing casually flew him out to whatever country she was from in the Far East. Her house was lavish. Armed guards and everything. He was about 20 and she was around the same age. 

He said they couldn’t really speak each other’s languages well (he’s Mexican and American).

He convinced her that he would need to see his family in person to say goodbye (and stay with her...I think she made it clear she wasn’t letting him go) so she bought him a ticket back to the states. He never contacted her again and stayed here. He said it was the weirdest thing he’s ever experienced in a sexual relationship. He’s married with a few kids now back in his hometown. -missnofuxgiven

I feel like a lot of these have to do with food, which makes sense to me.



" target="_blank">Shutterstock Met a 38-year-old multi-millionaire off Instagram, I was 23 at the time. I lived in Texas and she lived in California, she would fly me up for the weekend anytime I was free. Always had my favorite food stocked in the refrigerator.  -donttreadonme1869

Pro-tip: if your sugar mama is your landlord, you can live much cheaper.

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When I was in college in Boston, I slept with my early-50's super-cougarish landlady on the reg while I had a year lease agreement with her, and she ended up discounting my rent by half for the last 7 months of the lease. After that year I moved into a new place with some friends, but would still occasionally get together with her, though no further sugar mama-ing happened past the point of my lease with her. -SoundProblem

This sugar mama took it literally.

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Was seeing a woman who was 42 when I was 21 in my senior year of undergrad.

Some mornings she would send me home with cookies she'd baked. It was pretty great. -Crotchfirefly

Having a sugar mama sounds ideal, actually. Someone who buys you nice things? Sign me up.

My girlfriend/fiancé walked out on me completely. No friends at that point, I started reaching out to old contacts. I found “G" let’s call her. Years ago she and I were friends and had a falling out, so when I contacted her, she was surprised. She ended up being my biggest supporter through a hard time. She invited me to meet her on a vacation and I went. She was engaged to someone else, but that was fine because we really didn’t have any romantic feelings toward each other. She took me to store after store, buying me video games and clothes, and ordering pizza and stuff. She even said, “I’m your sugar mama, just without the sugar!" And her unending support for me in a really rough time made me appreciate her so much. I ended up talking her through some hard times, and she left her fiancé who was abusive. She and I are still amazing friends and she still sends me clothes or orders me pizza, even from two states away. Not a traditional Sugar Mama, but G is my best friend, and even if I do find another true lover I’d like to hope they can understand the friendship G and I have. -BeMySquishy27

Sugar mamas are very impressed by men who can work the claw machine.

Back in college, there was this bar called the Tiki Shack we would hang out at because they had a beer vending machine and claw game. I was at the claw one night when a girl came up to me and seemed impressed. We got to talking, and long story short she was a 30-year-old chemical engineer out in LA who was interested in 22-year-old, frat guy, me. We had a great summer together, but she was just out here for a job and then back home. Never paid for a damn thing while she was in town. Oh, and she told me right before she left that because we met she called off her engagement to the guy back home... whoops. -jschleus

I have some questions about a "freak chiropractor accident"?

I hooked up with this older woman in college (I was 21 and she was 37). She told me about her late husband who died in a freak chiropractor accident and left her with a ton of money. Anyway, she took me back to her multi-million dollar home, made me breakfast and dropped me off at my friend's house the next morning in her fancy car. I saw her at a wedding this summer, it was pretty awkward. -sryguys

This may or may not be true, but whatever.

I had just turned 21 and started business college. So I went out on a Thursday night with my new classmates and we kept it going till we had to go back to school Friday morning.

What my new classmates didn't know was that I clicked with a beautiful woman in the bar that night, who was only 15 years older than me.

Long story short: I ended up having to select between a Porsche, Mercedes or an Audi to drive to school, for the rest of my time in college. -ImDrDerp

Does this count?

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In 9th Grade, I made out with a Senior and she took me to the movies and got me popcorn. -lightningboltkid1

The sugar mama to wife route is not ideal, apparently.

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I was in the military, stationed in Germany. Visited a certain district in Nürnberg and the lady I had visited there told me she didn’t want my money, just my number.

From there she’d let me see her for free whenever I was in town. This escalated to paying for hotel rooms for the weekend, paying for all my meals, drinks at clubs, and even bought me some clothes.

After a couple months of this, I let her come on base for some weekends and she’d pay for groceries and cook for me. At this point she began using, “love," calling me, “her iubi," or “iubirea mea," and it really weirded me out. I discontinued what we had going after a glorious few months.

Later I realized her goal all along might have been to use me to get stateside, but getting that serious with her never even crossed my mind. -daColaBear

How many of these do you think are true, though?

There have to be some serious sugar mamas out there.

As a former Horse Girl, I can confirm Horse Girls are crazy.

 I was in HS, got paid 400 to have sleep with a lady that was in town for a horse show... Horse girls are crazy, btw... -g269mm

This sounds like a movie.

I was an intern at HQ for a company when I was around 19 and the lady I interned for was super hot. She was dating another guy, but he was kind of a dork and she didn’t like him much, not EXACTLY sure why she stayed with him but that’s beside the point.

Lost my virginity to her, which was fantastic. She would take me out for fancy lunches, always $$$, and would deduct them as a work expense to justify spending the time with me. She encouraged me to follow my passion for the arts and funded my first album. It didn’t do well, but she loved that there was a song about us on there.

Later she even got a wicked good boob job and let me fool around with those. She got the surgery to get back with her boyfriend but told me she didn’t mind if I took advantage of it too.

She kinda went crazy later, which lead to her being fired and I left the company soon after. She ended up moving into her boyfriend’s condo. She wanted to keep our “thing" going, but between her mental breakdown and the fact that I didn’t want us to get caught going at it in the boyfriend’s place, I figured it was best that we ended it.

I hear that she has a kid now and is managing a hospital or something. I truly wish her well and sometimes wonder if she still thinks of me. -uno_dos_TUBA

Wait, this one is kind of sad.

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I’ve been working at a Restaurant for over a year and a half now and the same elderly couple comes in at least 3 times per week. They’re both probably in their 70’s at least. The woman is always in nice fur coats and has different jewelry all the time but is kind of losing herself to her age. I don’t think she has dementia quite yet, but she’s not quite all there anymore. The man is constantly leading her around, walking her to their regular booth, helping her order, etc.

Found out recently the poor old guy lives in his car. Basically, this woman pays for him to have a few meals with her each week in exchange for his companionship. It’s kind of like a weird elderly escort deal they’ve got going on. It’s sad but in a weird way kind of sweet as I’ve noticed he gets very protective over her and seems to genuinely care for her. He keeps all of her receipts for her, makes sure she gets exactly what she wants and always makes sure she gets her 1.5 scoops of vanilla ice cream for dessert.

How the guy survives living mostly in his car in Minnesota winters is probably solely due to help from this woman. -Holdiniful

This was totally his mom, though. Or his wealthy aunt.


A mate of mine got dropped off to school one day by a MILF in a BMW convertible, this was not his mum.

This was grade 11 (17 years old) he proceeded to tell us that he met her on the beach while surfing and eventually went back to her place. This continued for 6+ months, she would buy him whatever he wanted, a new phone, a PlayStation, beer, weed ect. -StrayaMate2000

How did this happen?

I did once visit a guy who had a sugar momma, a friend of the girl I was dating at the time. He was this average looking 20-year-old stoner kid who was living in a nice house in the city. His sugar momma was paying for him to go to community college. -0asq

Is it really a sugar mama if she only buys things she wants?

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I dated a woman who was way out of my league. Met her in Hawaii and we shared a birthday so by that sheer coincidence we ended up spending the rest of the time we were there together. Just so happens she’s a very highly paid nurse and also does real estate on the side. Extremely intelligent, extremely driven, and for whatever reason she liked me. She used to basically fly me to San Francisco almost every weekend to visit. Once I was there she would buy me pretty much whatever SHE wanted me to wear. She had a work function at this extremely upscale place in San Fran called lazy bear I wanna say... she bought me a $2000 tag heuer and two suits worth $4500 that were custom tailored. Shoes, jackets, she bought me a new surfboard and snowboard for Christmas. Money was no issue for her. The swipe of her card and that was it. She also drove an Aston Martin and a Jaguar. She had earrings that cost more than my truck. Her house was crazy nice too. I was like an accessory that got to sleep with her, but we did care about one another. I didn’t know she had money until the first time I went to visit her. -Heterospecial

Dude, wait, that's not your mom?

I lived with my boyfriend and his roommates in college and one of the roommates had a sugar momma. He was 21 and she was definitely over 40. She had two kids of her own. She was a stay at home mom and would come over during the day while the kids were at school. She'd do his laundry, clean the apartment, and get dinner all set up to be cooked whenever we were ready to put it on the stove.

She would also stay sometimes in the evenings, I guess when the kids had after school things or went to a friends house. She would occasionally bring them over on weekends for sports games and cook appetizers and such. They were pretty good kids, a boy and girl around age 9 or 10 each.

I have no clue where the husband/father in the children in all of this was. She was a really nice lady, I just think maybe she was bored. We actually thought she was his mom at first. Until one day we heard sounds coming from upstairs and then he came down with her in only boxers and kissed her goodbye... -Corgigal91

Um, wow?

My ex (who had modeled in the past) was contacted by an Italian heiress who offered to give him money to trade the stock markets and a £1m apartment in central London, all other expenses paid if he left me and never dated another woman again.

He actually walked away from that. We ended on really bad terms, kind of feel bad I didn’t encourage him to go for it. -boruvky

So this is just...rich people?

Sugar daddy married sugar momma. We have lots of sugar. Lots of kids. Living the dream. -BayouCitySaint

A laundry mama.

Not quite sugar mama but here it goes: when I was in college, I met a girl in the dorm's laundry room. After a while, she asked me if I wanted her to do my laundry. Puzzled, I said yes. So she did. After that, she would come up to my dorm room every once in a while and ask me if I had any laundry for her to do. This went on for two semesters. God, do I miss her... -ellipses2015