Straight Men Sharing the 'Gayest' Things They've Ever Done | 22 Words

A Reddit user has asked straight men to share the "gayest" things they've ever done and the responses provide a very interesting insight...

"Straight males of reddit, what's the gayest thing you've ever done?"


The question posed by one Reddit user.

And with more than 16,000 replies...

They're truly fascinating. Here's some of the best responses:

1. "I let my friend kiss me."


"After the kiss, which included more tongue than I expected (which was any), he pulled back and said, 'Thanks!' And then immediately, 'Aw, f**k. I'm definitely gay'."

2. "Was a medic in the army. First day at my unit, a guy walked in, whipped his d**k out, and asked if it looked infected to me."


"We've been best friends ever since and my son's named after him."

3. "Used to be a game where you'd put your hand on another guys knee and slowly move it toward their groin until one of you chickened out."


"I never lost."

4. "Had a friend who would try to mess with you by making this a game. He'd put his hand on your knee and say 'Guess what card I'm thinking of.' And whatever you pick, (I chose ace of spades) he'd say 'wrong, guess again' and move his hand up one space."


"I just flipped it on him by picking the same card again. He looked confused but assumed I'd messed up until I kept eye contact and repeated the same card a third time. He chickened out first."

5. "British military - mid-nineties...imagine 5 drunk hairy a*sed sailors dressed as Spice Girls with huge balloon b**bs, pub crawling around a quaint little English village."


"No underwear under the mini skirts and offering a free look at the goods for anyone stupid enough to look at them."

6. "One of my best friends is gay. He refers to this as a 'no homo bro cuddle': I went to his house and stayed the night and we slept in the same bed. Completely non-sexual but did spoon (I was big spoon) for comfort and just to cuddle."


"Reason being - his dad had recently died and he had been sleeping poorly since (lives alone). Said he just needed someone to cuddle with for comfort so he could get a good night's sleep. His love life is in shambles so he didn't want another gay man because he knew they would just try to f**k him as part of the deal. So I obliged and he slept well for the first time since the funeral.

"It was pretty gay to spoon with a gay man in his bed overnight. But I don't regret it"

7."I had sex with a guy."


"Turns out I'm only into an*l when it's with a chick."

8. "Technically, got in a hot tub naked with 3 gay guys and we talked about relationships."


"But really, remove the gay element and it was just 4 dudes talking about life. No biggie. 'You should tell your dad about this.' Was the big laugh line."

9. "When I was in grade 8 I had this weird crush on a dude. Totally threw me in for a loop cause I was pretty sure I was into girls, and then it faded after like 2 weeks and then never happened again."


"Must've been hormones at the beginning of puberty, but I think about it a lot. 2 week gay period. Definitely have kissed a couple dudes at the bar though, these things happen. But less of a gay thing and it's never my idea lol"

10. "In high school I was in the stoner circle at a party high asf and a guy walked in who I'd never seen, and I literally lost my breath by how attractive I found him. Heart was beating, got butterflies. He was with a hot girl but I barely looked at her."


"It was weird. Have never crushed on a guy, had that feeling, or ever even kissed a guy to this day. I'm fully straight. I even hung out with him a bunch of times later on and never had that feeling and was no longer attracted to him. I guess marijuana does make you gay."

11. "I was at a gay bar with some gay friends and this young guy wearing a friggin suit walked up and asked me for a dance."


"I told him I wasn't gay and he said 'I just came out and I want my first dance to be with someone beautiful.'

"I did a slow dance with the dude and went on my way."

12. "Hugs, cuddling, pulling friends to me. by their belt loops. a bit co-worker of mine has asked me if I'm into him. 'Nah.. just not shy about affection'."


"This same human, I have kissed his forehead and told him that I love him (exact words were "love ya, buddy!")

"Pen*s doesn't interest me, but it hurts to NOT be affectionate."

13. "Worked at a gay bar for years. People were friendly, tips were really good, and honestly, the guys kept setting me up with their female friends."


"10/10 would do again."

14. "Made out with guys due to spin the bottle. Balanced out by also making out with girls in the same games."


"One of the dudes was a much better kisser than the other participants."

15. "Pretended to be my friend's boyfriend to prevent him from being hit on from this guy he didn't want to hit on him. We put our arms around each other and I kissed him on the temple lol"


"Gay or straight, no means no, and I'll do this a thousand times more if I have to!"

16. "Me and the boys once took turns taking a 10-minute ice bath at a hotel, then measuring who had the smallest peen by the end of their ice bath."


"The smallest person won."

17. "Naked 4 am drunk bench press session in the backgarden of a mate's house, with 2 other mates. We were drunk, there was a bench. Inevitably, benching happens."


"I can't remember who thought first 'this would be funnier if I was naked.' Probably me."

18. "Made out with a close friend when he came out to me as gay. He wasn't really sure how I would respond when he told me he thought I was attractive, I didn't know how I was gonna respond either."


"He decided to just go for it and kiss me, honestly best make out session I had. Every girl I made out lacked the passion he did, Never made out with him again."

19. "I was at a dorm party and we were all drunk. One of our friends is the annoying loud drunk and happens to be gay. He was complaining how its been ages since he kissed a dude. Bro, I just wanted a chill mood so I could eat my pizza rolls and he was killing the vibe."


"So I grabbed his head made out with him hardcore for a bit, and threw him on the ground. He just laughed and said 'wow' every now and again. Fit the vibe I was going for way better, so no regrets."

20. "Well, I've kissed a couple of dudes. I do this thing at parties, where I'll go out to the smokers and yell 'I'll kiss anyone who gives me a cigarette'."


"Works almost every time"

So, there you have it!

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