The 4th of July commemorated a little more than independence this year - it marked the release of the highly anticipated third season of sci-fi horror, Stranger Things. 

Since its release in 2016, the world has gone Stranger Things mad. The show is a tantalizing mix of comedy, sci-fi, and gory horror, and we love it. Oh, and not to mention the characters. The world fell completely in love with the young kids in the show, whose childish innocence contrasted with saving the world from demons and monsters, proved to be nothing short of fantastic.

So the launch of the third season was always going to be a huge deal... And it turned out to be so huge, in fact, that it has broken Netflix's viewing record in only 4 days. Yep, that's how much you guys love Stranger Things.

This year has seen a new era for Stranger Things.

The once-so-little children that we all knew and loved aren't... well, so little anymore. In the newly-released third season, the gang are fighting against more than just Demogorgons and Mind Flayers, they are fighting against their hormones and emotions. Aw. Though it has all of the classic Stranger Things themes, the new season felt slightly different due to the age difference in the characters.

But this has clearly made fans love the show even more.

The slight change in age, height, and maturity in the cast has simply made the show grow, and audiences evidently loved it. And come on! It's obviously still the classic Stranger Things that we all know and love, because Netflix have made a staggering announcement.

The third season of Stranger Things has broken records.

Yep, you guys binge-watched so much of the show in the first 4 days that it broke Netflix's viewing records. According to the Netflix Twitter account, the latest season of the '80s-set suburban fantasy show was watched by 40.7 million accounts in its first four days... Which is more than any other film or series in those first few telling days. Quite impressive, huh? Maybe the cast growing up isn't such a bad thing... Ready to see the cast as they were in the first season alongside pics of them in the recent, third season? (They've grown up so much). Let's go!