Strangers Learn Great-Grandmother Struggles To Raise 6 Children and Appear With Christmas Gifts

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At a time of year when everyone’s busy rushing around shopping for Christmas gifts and decorations, the thought of not being able to do those things hits home for a lot of families around the world.


And when strangers learned that a great-grandmother has struggled to raise her 6 grandchildren and give them the Christmas gifts she only wishes they could have…

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They did something truly remarkable…


Seventy-two-year-old Ella Setzler, a military widow from Las Vegas has raised her own children, her grandchildren, and has now taken on 6 great-grandchildren.

She’s the kind of superhero you just don’t read about in the Marvel comics.

Although this superhero has been struggling quite a bit with both her home and her great-grandchildren, upon talking about her troubles to her best friend Alicestine Miller, Ella’s troubles turned around.


Because her absolute gem of a bestfriend got in touch with Fox5 Surprise to prove that miracles really do happen.

And when the surprise squad showed up at her door, she was absolutely shocked… “Oh Lord, they mean so much to me. They’re my heart,” she said when the squad asked her about her great-grandchildren.


“My friend Mrs Ella is a seventy-two-year-old great-grandmother raising 6 great-grandchildren by her self,” her best friend had wrote to Fox 5 surprise squad.

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“The help she receives each month is just not enough to get by,” she continued writing.

“I want her to know that someone cares.”

And then…just like that, Fox 5 showed up at her door, leading to Mrs. Ella breaking down because they offered to pay the balance of her water bill, replace the toilets, and fix everything that was in dire need of fixing.

It was a dream come true for her.

But, that wasn’t all. Mrs. Ella and Ms. Alice got whisked away for a spa trip while the house was redecorated. Oh, and she came back to a very festive home, too.


With a new sofa, television, beds for her and her great-grandchildren, presents under a Christmas tree, and a $500 gift card for each and every child…

Yep, that’s right. Mrs. Ella will be having Christmas with her great-grandchildren after all, and she herself got a $500 gift card for her cooking desires, we love that.

“It will be so different and so happy,” she said.


And if you’re tearing up, grab a tissue, because you’re about to find out that her house is also going to be paid for too… For an entire year.

For an entire year.

We’re only crying a little bit… Oh my.

And, let’s all remember that Christmas is just about being there with your loved ones, and showing each other how much you really care.

Merry Christmas Mrs. Ella!