Student Exposes the Sexism She Experiences in Class in ‘Terrifying’ Video

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A discussion has been prompted about sexism in schools and colleges after a student secretly recorded a misogynistic conversation between a group of boys in her class.

In a TikTok post, Kirsten Williams shared a video taken during a tech class in which she says she was the only female student sitting in the class at the time.

In the video, there’s a conversation between a group of boys in the class, who horrifyingly discuss what counts as consent when it comes to sex. But, instead of having a real discussion about respecting women, their bodies, and their right to say no, the students make a series of disgustingly misogynistic jokes about ra*ing women while they are unconscious.

“You can just find one that doesn’t talk when you ask them for consent; it means yes every time,” says one of the students, before another chimes in to suggest, “Or a blind one.”

“Are you saying silence is consent? If they’re knocked out its consent?” a third student asks, before the first one responds: “Saying nothing means you give consent.”

The group of boys then start laughing loudly about the matter, with one shouting: “Every single one of us in this room is going to hell,” while another adds: “We’re already there.”

“The fear in your eyes when you realized you’re surrounded by predators. I’m so sorry…” one person said under the TikTok post.

“The fact they even acknowledge that they’re wrong at the end they don’t care,” another person commented.

A few people also shared their own experiences on Reddit:

“These same guys get mad when women say they’re uncomfortable,” one person noted.

While another person shared a similar experience: “In high school when I was about fourteen I was one of 2 girls in the ONLY computing class in the school (I could not change classes or teachers). Our teacher was a young guy who constantly talked about being a holiday rep to get girls drunk, porn, and how funny it was that I was competing with the smartest boy in the class…”

According to NSVRC, 1 in 5 women in the United States either experience r*pe or attempted r*pe during their lifetime, and 1 in 3 female victims of completed or attempted rape experienced it for the first time between the ages of eleven and seventeen.

This is a serious, heartbreaking issue, and we support every person who is a victim of sexism in all of it’s ugly forms.