Student Takes Graduation Pics in the Field Where Her Parents Work To Remind Us That Hard Work Always Pays Off

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A student has taken her graduation pictures in the field where her parents work to remind people that hard work pays off.

Jennifer Rocha has paid a very sweet tribute to her parents with her graduation pictures.

By taking her pictures in the fields where they work…

In a piece of writing shared to UC San Diego’s Facebook page, Rocha explained that her parents, who came from Michoacan, Mexico, were “not fortunate enough to live their dreams of pursuing a higher education and obtaining the dream career they desired.”

So, when she was at high school, her “parents told me that the only way I was going to be able to understand how important it was to pursue a higher education was to work as a migrant field worker.”

Rocha began working in the fields alongside her parents while at high school.

Her dad would pick her up “to go work in the fields overnight.”

“We would plant strawberries, get off at around 2-3 am and wake up at 5am to get ready, or else I would miss the city bus,” she explained.

It was difficult work and Rocha “admired the workers” for it because “they kept working despite backaches while flies, mosquitos, and bugs kept roaming their faces, getting into their eyes.”

“Nobody thinks about nor sees what happens behind a vegetable you grab at the grocery store,” she wrote. “But behind it is someone who breaks their backs every day working in the fields.”

Rocha continued working at the field “even after I had left for college on weekends or on breaks.”

Her parents couldn’t afford for her to have a dorm at school, so she “had to commute from far distances like Oceanside and Lakeside.”

“Having to work two jobs, commute, and go to school at the same time was a struggle. Many times I wanted to give up, but my parents and their pieces of advice and support were the reason I kept going.”

Rocha wrote that “coming from a field worker background” has motivated her “to work hard as my parents took my sisters and I to the fields in order to understand how difficult labor is.”

As her writing came to a close, Rocha added: “Working in the fields builds and molds a different type of character. A character that does not give up, and one with resilience and strength to withstand the hazards that come from that job.”