A heartbreaking text message has emerged that a student sent to their mom during the shocking Idaho school shooting that happened yesterday...

And people from all around the world have been left deeply shocked over not only yet another shooting...


But also the fact that the shooter was just a child.

Read on to see the heartbreaking messages sent by terrified students...

Reuters reported yesterday, on May 6th, a sixth-grade girl pulled out a handgun from her backpack at Rigby Middle School in Rigby, Idaho.


She opened fire, hitting 2 fellow students and a member of staff.

The girl was swiftly disarmed by a teacher...


And she was held until law enforcement arrived, Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson said

Thankfully, the 3 people who were shot are expected to make a full recovery after receiving hospital treatment...


And the young girl's identity is yet to be released to the public.

Authorities are still investigating how the girl from the nearby city of Idaho Falls got the gun...


And what motivated her to carry out the attack.

"She fired multiple rounds inside of the school and out," Anderson said...


"We don't have a lot of details of why. That is being investigated."

Students inside the school were gripped by terror when they realized the repeated intercom announcements of a school lockdown were not a drill.


"We didn't think anything of it at first until we heard footsteps in the hallway and then we heard a police siren... and that's when we started realizing it was real," seventh-grader Madison Jensen told Idaho Falls' Local News 8.

"I texted everyone I knew."

They began comforting each other as the events unfolded inside a school where 1,500 students in sixth through eighth grades attend.


"We were freaking out - a few kids were crying. Some kid was sitting next to me I was trying to rub his back, make him feel better," Maren King, a seventh-grader, told Local News 8.

Moments before, Maren thought the noises were the school principal's attempt to make a lockdown drill seem more realistic.

Twelve-year-old Yandel Rodriguez recalled hearing "3 loud noises."


"Then there was screaming... Our teacher went to check it out, and he found blood."

Students were sent home with their parents immediately after the shootings and classes will be canceled on Friday, Jefferson School District Superintendent Chad Martin said.


"This is the worst nightmare any school district could ever face," Martin explained, "We prepare for it and we're never truly ready for it."

And now, the horrors of yesterday's events have just been outlined even more.


A text message sent by an anonymous student to his mom has been posted online and it's utterly heartbreaking to read.

"I love you so much mom."

"School shooter dead searus im love you alot I pomise," the boy urgently texted.

"Oh nvm its a drill... we heard real gun shots. No its real I love you... I love you so much mom."

Utterly heartbreaking.


Our deepest thoughts go out to all the students and teachers affected by this terrifying event.

This is a developing story and updates will be posted accordingly.