Student Turned Away From Graduation for Wearing Wrong Shoes Gets Given Pair by Teacher

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A teacher has been praised online for stepping in to help a student who was turned away from graduation for wearing the wrong shoes…

Graduation ceremonies are a huge deal for students…

Especially as they spend years studying to get to that big day.

They really deserve a day to acknowledge their achievements.

And the thought of being unable to attend must be heartbreaking…

But it was almost the reality for one student…

As he was turned away from his graduation ceremony for wearing the wrong shoes.

Daverius Peters was turned away from his graduation ceremony after he arrived wearing ‘inappropriate’ footwear.

But thankfully for Daverius, his teacher stepped in and offered his own…

An action he’s been praised for online…

When Daverius Peters arrived at his graduation ceremony last month, he was turned away.

Although he was wearing the mandatory purple cap and gown, Peters shoes “violated the dress code.”

He was wearing black sneakers with white soles.

And so he was told he could not attend unless he changed them.

But fortunately his teacher, John Butler, at Hahnville High School in Louisiana, saved the day…

“Daverius came up to me in a panic and he said, ‘Mr. John, they’re not going to let me graduate.’ And I said, ‘Why?’ And he said, ‘Because of the shoes that I’m wearing,'” CBS reports that Butler said.

“It was just a no-brainer to me to just take my shoes off and give them to him,” he added.

And so that’s what he did.

Despite being 2 sizes too big, Peters “slipped them on like slippers” and walked across his graduation stage in them.

“I felt the joy. The whole day, I couldn’t wait to 6 o’clock, couldn’t wait to get ready to graduate across the stage,” he said.

Peters described Butler as a “motivator” and said “he’s a hero” for his actions on that day.

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