Student Vanishes Hiding Final Clue of Treasure Hunt he Spent 2 Years Making

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A student has vanished while hiding the final clue of the treasure hunt that he spent 2 years making.

Hunter Lewis had spent the 2 years preparing for his treasure hunt, but it all went wrong on the final hurdle.

Hunter had gone to hide the final clue of the hunt when he disappeared.

It’s a situation that has left people distraught…

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The twenty-one-year-old student disappeared on December 30 after he launched his canoe from a beach in Humboldt County, the Los Angeles Times reports.

It is believed that Hunter had been heading out in his canoe to hide the final piece of treasure at Flatiron Rock, an island off the Pacific coastline.

The final clue in Hunter’s treasure hunt was a note suggesting that the treasure would be found “where his heart is” and a 3D printed heart-shaped key.

When held in the correct position on the horizon, the 3D key aligns with the rocks surrounding Flatiron Rock

Hunter’s family knew that he had gone to hide the clue on December 30, but became worried when he didn’t return.

His dad, Corey Lewis, searched for his son at the location that he had launched his canoe. After having no luck, he alerted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, the outlet reports.

A search operation then got underway with the Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Coast Guard searching the beach and nearby waters.

The search continued until the following day when authorities suspended their active rescue searches, the outlet reports.

Over the past few days, some of Hunter’s belongings and parts of his canoe have washed up on the shore, leading his father to believe this could now be a recovery operation.

Speaking with the outlet, Hunter’s dad, Corey Lewis said: “At this point, it’s a recovery operation, not a rescue operation. I am just hoping to find my son to return to his mother to bury.”

A Facebook group has been set up to help with the search for Hunter with members of the group sharing information and prayers.

In one post on the group, Corey wrote: “I just wanted to update all of you who are out there searching for Hunter. Our sonar team is going out again tomorrow and we have a helicopter engaging in an aerial search.

“Hope for Hunter. Thank you everyone. At this time when we feel like we have lost so much the outpouring of love and effort from thousands of you is our only consolation and it means very much.”

In a post on January 10, Hunter’s dad then informed people with a “heavy heart” that they “are calling off these active searches at this time.”

“It is time for the family to look for some closure and begin to create space to grieve and heal,” he wrote. “Although his body did not come back to us, Hunter will always be with us living in our hearts and our memories.”

Our thoughts are with Hunter’s family and friends.