A group of teenagers made a bold statement during their assembly in order to protest their school's "sexist" dress code.

Evita, also known as @baggyjeanmom on TikTok, and her fellow peers decided that they had had enough of the supposedly "sexist" rules at Natomas Charter School so they took matters into their own hands and staged a peaceful protest.


we started this all because our principal was going to have an assembly abt dress code so day of the assembly we did this. (There was a reason)

In the video posted to the video-sharing platform, you can clearly see different girls and boys in tank tops with notes written across their stomachs. "Distraction" was the main word, written with a sharpie on several students' bodies. They all walked out of the school and sat outside as part of their challenge and even stuck posters with slogans all over the premises. One of them stated: "Teach boys to focus, not girls to cover up", while another declared: "If children's middrifts distract you, you should not be working with children."

Um, facts.

They continued to stand their ground until they were called into the theatre for a "talk" about dress codes but unfortunately, some people were kicked out of the school that day.

After the initial video went viral, in a follow-up video, Evita said: "We, as students, feel like what we wear is not distracting toward others and not affecting anyone's learning environment", and added that they decided to do the protest because students felt that the current dress code "was sexist toward women" because it was only considering how males would be "distracted" at the sight and the idea of following a "dress code" was just a bulls*** cover up for that.


Reply to @emilemily19 ,thank you for all the support I’m glad that we are finally being heard wether it’s by our school or not.

In response to a hate comment that claimed "these little kids are gonna have a really hard time getting a job in the future if they can't understand the basics of dress code," Evita answers saying that she knows her future may hold a dress code but, for now, they are in a learning environment where there shouldn't be limits on the freedom of expression.

And others agreed with her stance.

One person commented this: "I mean in university we don't have a dress code and everything is fine so I don't know where they get that from."

"They can hold an assembly to tell the girls how to dress but they can't have an assembly to educate boys on how they should respect other people's bodies," another added.

Others just commended Evita and her classmates for holding their own saying "I love this!" and "This is so good, keep it up!"



What do you guys think about the protest?