In recent years, Airbnb has really taken off - and with good reason. Not only does it allow us to save a huge amount of cash in comparison to overpriced hotels, but the Airbnb also appeals to the nosey parker in us all. The idea we get to have a peek around someone else's home is just a little bit exciting, no matter how much we try to deny it.

But the latest home to hit Airbnb offers more of a feast for the eyes than most...

In the past, there were limited options for vacation accommodation.

If you were traveling, you had little choice apart from to stay in a hotel.

And while a hotel stay is a lovely luxury ...

There's one major downside. Many tend to have prices leaning toward the extortionate side - making travel essentially unaffordable for many.

Until Airbnb, that is.

Founded in 2008, the online travel accommodation marketplace has absolutely revolutionized the industry. Through the site, anyone can book affordable lodging pretty much anywhere on earth.

And alongside the lowered price tag?

There's another undeniable advantage. While hotels tend to be rather generic, staying in someone's home is always an aesthetic surprise. But one truly incredible Airbnb has hit headlines this week for its incredible decor.

Because this isn't your regular home.

It's a lot grander than that.

Check it out.

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This is the aptly named "Pool House," in Scottsdale, Arizona.

And oh boy, is it pool-focused.

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Just look at this giant swimming area!

It boasts one of the largest residential pools in the country.

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Including a lazy river, which allows you to float away from your worries ...

There's even a swim-up bar.

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Because what's better than swimming while drinking?

There are plenty of activities on offer.

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The owners claim they've spent around half a million dollars on the sweet set up.

Into sports?

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This could be the ideal Airbnb for you!

Including a basketball court.

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And, of course, a golf driving range.

Sound a bit too active for you?

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No worries - there are plenty of places to chill.

There's an indoor-outdoor area.

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This is just screaming for a barbecue!

Now, let's head inside ...

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Check out this incredible dining area!

The home has seven big bedrooms.

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And sleeps sixteen or more guests.

It's perfect for both couples and kids.

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The beds all look comfy as hell, too.

The games continue indoors.

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So even if there's bad weather you can play.

Enjoy cooking?

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This kitchen is any wannabe chef's dream.

Want a more chilled evening?

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Look at this fireplace!

The interior has a sleek finish.

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The whole house has a chic, minimal feel.

Movie lover?

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This looks like the perfect viewing platform.

Here's another incredible bedroom.

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You can even book extras - like a full concierge service.

That's not all.

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You can pay extra and get a massage, a yoga session, or even get your holiday catered.

It's a little pricey.

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But if you had it filled up with sixteen people, it suddenly seems rather affordable.

Fancy it?

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You can book a stay right here. Want to look round another incredible Airbnb? Scroll on - and Harry Potter fans rejoice!