19 Stunning Examples of Minimalist Design That Prove Less Is More

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In today’s busy world, it can be easy to get caught feeling like we need to buy more and more things in order to achieve happiness.

Your phone works fine, but there’s a newer on one the market that would probably work even better. You have plenty of makeup, but there’s a new palette you just have to try for yourself. And you should probably get a new couch because you’ve had the old one for a few years, and wouldn’t a slightly bigger TV make your evenings that much more enjoyable?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that more is more.

But sometimes, more isn’t more.

Sometimes less is more. Here are some examples of minimalist design to show you what I mean.

Like this business card:

via Imgur

I’m impressed not only with the sleek design of this business card but also by the foresight Maggie had by securing all of those usernames. That really worked out, huh?

This cover for 1984:

via Imgur

I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for minimalistic book covers. This is one of my favorites.

This coffee shop menu:

via Reddit

As much as I enjoy a Starbucks run, there’s something very soothing about seeing a coffee menu that’s not screaming “PSL!” and “Frappuccino!” at you. It’s just coffee. Plain and simple. (And tea!)  

This Domino’s box from the ’60s:

via Imgur

Does anybody else think Domino’s should consider going back to their original design? I’d be all for it! This next one is a minimalistic poster for one of my all-time favorite movies…

This Jaws poster:

via Imgur

The original film poster is also rather minimalistic, but I do like the execution of this one, too. That’s a lot of lines!

This watch:

via Imgur

It only shows you exactly what you need to see. What time is it? Time to pare down to the bare necessities.

This German library:

via Reddit

This is the Stadtbibliothek in Stuttgart. I don’t know about you, but I think I could spend roughly 12 years inside without ever getting bored.

This Japanese airport:

via Imgur

Leave it to the Japanese to find the most efficient and minimalistic way to organize crowds of people in a hurry. This makes me want to go out and buy a plane ticket right now.

This desk calendar:

via Reddit

An empty calendar is already pretty sparse-looking, but substituting numbers for the month name is a great way to take it to the next level of minimalism. Now check out this insane sink…

This sink:

via Imgur

10/10 Would absolutely wash hands here.

This staircase:

via Imgur

This is probably what all of our staircases will look like in the future. Assuming we still have stairs in the future, that is.

This set of Back to the Future posters:

via Imgur

Get it? The lines reflect how Marty travels throughout time in each of the movies.

This bathroom:

via Imgur

Taking a bath anywhere is relaxing and wonderful. Taking a bath in this divine minimalistic room? Well, that’d just be straight-up marvelous.

This chess set:

via Imgur

If you’re looking for something even more minimalistic, you should check out the game checkers. Or maybe Tic Tac Toe. Next up, Burger King is getting in on the minimalism trend…  

This Wi-Fi sign:

via Imgur

It’s a burger! That’s why Burger King is the king.

These playing cards:

via Imgur

Magician: Is this your card? Me: I wish! I love that design!

This magical furniture:

via Imgur

You can furnish your entire dining room in one purchase! And when you move, you can pack it up into one box. What’s not to love?

This Simpsons tattoo:

via Imgur

Yep, everybody’s accounted for. Even baby Maggie.  

This Christmas tree:

via Imgur

This is the perfect tree for anyone who hates sweeping up pine needles for months after the holidays. Share this with someone who appreciates the “less is more” mentality!