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37 Pairs of Shoes That Are Stylish & Comfortable From Amazon

Buying shoes is no picnic. The perfect shoe needs to do it all – support your arches, cushion your soles, last through a whole day of walking, plus look cute at the same time. We don’t ask for much, do we? Everyone who’s ever been on the hunt for the perfect shoe knows the struggle of trying to find the pair that perfectly walks the line between stylish and comfy. It’s important to not look like a total slob, but at the same time, there’s nothing worse than spending the day in shoes that are hurting you!

And for a while, it seemed as though stylish and comfortable were two polar opposites, leaving you to choose one or the other and hoping for the best. But that doesn’t need to be the case anymore! There is finally a wide selection of both comfortable and stylish shoes on the market – and you’ll be amazed at the range of comfy and cool shoes available on Amazon. Keep scrolling to find your new kicks!

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These Keds Casual Lace-Ups are So Fresh and So Clean

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You can’t go wrong with a clean, white lace-up – and these Keds are a classic for a reason.
The reviews say: “The color is exactly as shown in the picture (I was worried in case they would be too bright). Lovely quality because they are genuine Keds, and they were amazing value at about a fifth of the usual price.”


These Adidas Cloudfoam Running Shoes are Having a Moment

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For a slightly sportier look, these grey sneakers go with everything. And, as the name suggests, they really do feel like clouds on your feet.
The reviews say: “Not only are these super comfortable and breathable but the slide on and off without unlacing (which is probably the best part). Throw them on in less than a second and run out the door. More comfortable than being barefoot.”


These Canvas Slip-On Shoes Come in 5 Colors

  via Amazon / Nargiza  

A slightly more formal, but no less comfy option is these sweet crochet ballet slippers. Choose from 5 shades or stock up so you have an option for every outfit!
The reviews say: “Perfect for work. Need something for work that is not too fancy or too lazy looking. Work in a very down-to-earth chiro office that wears denim and polo’s or shorts. So needed something that fit the look. These are perfect.”

These New Balance Evergreen Sneakers are Seriously Supportive

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If you struggle with joint pain but don’t want to sacrifice style, these ’90s style sneakers are the shoes for you.
The reviews say: “I love these shoes! I am a New Balance Fan and this model did not disappoint. They remind me of the very first pair of New Balance I ever bought. I ordered them in my exact size, 8 1/2, with no sizing up. They fit perfectly. They keep my ankle, leg and knee aligned and I am having fewer problems with my knees. Plenty of room in the toe box. I think I’ll order another pair in black so I have a spare! Love the navy. My orthotics made the shoes too tight but I find I get enough support from so my orthotics are not necessary for these.”

These Amazon Essentials Ballet Flats Go with Everything

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Sometimes, it really is best to keep it simple. These ballet flats will go with everything, too.
The reviews say: “These more than lived up to my expectations. They fit superbly (I am size 5 with slightly narrow feet).
I was surprised at the padded sole interior – they are extremely comfortable. Add to that the fact that they look smart and were here the next day. Very pleased with purchase.”

These Women’s Shelly Shoes are Classics

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These classic sneakers are a total bargain and will give any outfit a cool, laid-back vibe.
The reviews say: “Very nice shoe lots of compliments on them.”

These Teva Olowahu Flip Flops are Ridiculously Comfortable

  via Amazon / His princess  

For an elevated take on a conventional flip flop, these sandals take things to the next level. Plus, since they’re by Teva, you know they’ll be comfy to walk in.
The reviews say: “I love this flip flop model as it is very comfortable and the designs with the straps are different. The fabric is great cause whenever I use plastic flip flops I got burns from the plastic. They dry fast and you can take them to the pool, beach, or simply to go for a walk.”

These VEPOSE Walking Shoes are Shockingly Lightweight

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If you want something unbelievably lightweight, look no further. And as a bonus, the simple design means they go with ​everything.
The reviews say: “WOW!! These shoes’ weight is equivalent to a jumbo package of cotton balls. I really thought there were no shoes in the box. I tried them on and it fits like a glove…Very comfortable and very light. I’m pretty sure I’ll be ordering the brown pair.”

These Ankle Strap Flat Sandals Can Be Dressed Up or Down

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To add a little bit of interest to the classic ballet flat, an ankle strap can be super cute. And as a bonus, they help your shoes stay on!
The reviews say: “I was looking for round toe sandals EVERYWHERE! All I could find were ugly square toe nonsense. And anything decent was either sold out or 100’s of pounds! Little did I know that I would find it on Amazon. They are comfortable and look nice.”

These TOMS Loafers add a Pop of Color

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For something that walks the line between a ballet flat and a sneaker, you can’t go wrong with Toms. This pair comes in tons of colors and patterns, too.
The reviews say: “I love these Toms! They fit well and are sliming on my feet. I’m somebody that owns several pairs of Toms. I bought them in my usual size and they fit well. I usually buy the classic style but decided to try this style with the larger soles because my bestie has this pair and I thought they were cute. I like them! These definitely feel snugger than the classic style but I know Toms stretch out like crazy so very soon here they’ll be broken in. Very pleased!”

These Mio Marino Ballet Flats are Chic and Flattering

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The strappy detail adds an elegant look, but with all the comfort of flats. As a bonus, the pointed tow can help your legs look longer!
The reviews say: “These super stylish shoes arrived today! Nicely packaged, a pretty mud-grey, and seemingly comfy as advertised (I’ll update my review after road testing them), I was already happy with my purchase. Then I discovered a surprising feature this company did not advertise: a quick release buckle! As a dance aficionado, I have come to really appreciate this feature on my dance shoes but had not yet seen it on a street shoe. This makes getting any ankle strap shoes off and on noticeably less annoying. I will have to look at their other shoes now!”

These DREAM PAIRS Ballet Flats Will Be Your New Faves

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The elastic around the edges of these shoes helps keep them attached firmly to your feet and helps them fit better for ultimate comfort.
The reviews say: “Beautiful little pumps that are soft and comfortable. The yellow is a gorgeous shade. I am a UK size 7.5 with narrow feet and on reading reviews, I ordered size 8. The size 8 is snug but the shoes are so soft that there is enough room for my feet. The next size up is 9 and I think that would be too large and my feet would slip out. So I am happy to keep the size 8. They add a fantastic color pop to any outfit and I can easily run about in them. All good! They arrived quickly.”

These TIOSEBON Walking Shoes Cradle Your Feet

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These uber-comfortable shoes have a space-age look that’s a little more fashion-forward.
The reviews say: “Excellent shoes. Love these.”

These Flysocks Slip-On Sneakers Look and Feel Great

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All of the ease of a slip-on sneaker but with the classic look of laces. Check out the range of colors to find your perfect fit.
The reviews say: “I bought these shoes for my wife who underwent knee replacement surgery last month, hoping that they would help with the pain, which is constant and considerable. And, boy, do they! These shoes take a lot of pressure off her knee in such a way that she’s able to get back on the treadmill as part of her physical therapy. She says they are very comfortable, describing them this way: “They make my feet feel like they’re on pillows!” She’s looking forward to wearing these for long walks when she’s able. Meanwhile, she verified that the shoe fit is accurate, and says they go great with tights.”

These Crocs Ballet Flats Will Change How You Feel About Crocs

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If you thought Crocs were just about the classic clogs, think again. These slightly pointed flats with cutouts are as elegant as can be.
The reviews say: “I have wide feet. But my crocs Sloane w10 shoes are quite kind to my toes unlike some of the Crocs’ offerings. Yes, it still does pinch my little toes a tiny bit but it could be forgiven keeping in mind I find it near impossible to get a good pair of readymade shoes in my size 42.5. looks quite good to be used as all-weather office wear too.
If you think a nude pair of rubber shoes serves your purpose, go for it. It is a beautiful color and you won’t regret it.”

These Amazon Essentials Ballet Flats Have a Stylish Pointed Toe

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It’s a classic with a twist – many find the pointed toe on these simple flats to be a little more flattering.
The reviews say: “These shoes are the first pair of comfortable flats I have owned. I’m a teacher and my feet swell from being on them all day. They are wide enough to not squeeze my feet, and the padding was amazing.”

These HEAWISH Floral Ballet Flats Can Be Folded Up

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Not only are these floral print flats as cute as can be, but you can easily fold them up and store them in your bag for nights out!
The reviews say: “I was very impressed with these shoes! They are so soft and fit me perfectly. I was worried about the width as my feet are wide but they feel good so far. I have just worn them around the house but I plan on wearing them outside soon.”

These Ataiwee Ballet Flats are Beautifully Elegant

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These shoes perfectly blend to look of a classic loafer with a ballet flat for a more feminine take on formalwear.
The reviews say: “These shoes fit perfectly and I struggle finding shoes that fit good in a shoe store. There must be a memory foam material in the soles because they seemed to form to my feet the longer I wore them. The material above the toe rubs a little bit but that could be just my feet shape. They provided gel heel protectors that adhere to the back of the shoes.”

These Lugz Clipper Sneakers Slide Right On

  via Amazon / Christina_rose  

What’s more comfortable than a sneaker? A sneaker you can slide right on, of course!
The reviews say: “I love these shoes! They’re so comfortable and can be dressed down or worn with a cute outfit for a night out. I have the same complaint as a previous review- the insole slides out when I’m barefoot- but I’m going to try and glue it down. I would definitely buy these again!”

These SODA Sneakers Come in a Ton of Options

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For a slightly more formal take on the slip-on sneaker, the textured leather-look outer of this pair takes them to the next level.
The reviews say: “I’m so happy that I bought these shoes in the cheetah print. They are so comfortable and cushiony, and they fit great. I’ve been trying to find slip-ons for a while, and they all seem to run extremely narrow (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t even have wide feet.) These fit PERFECTLY – perfect width and the perfect length and for almost a third of the price of the others that I tried (Dr. Scholls and Keds – both SUPER uncomfortable.) I’ve been wearing these all day, and don’t want to take them off. I appreciate that the part that often rubs on the back of the foot is cushioned – no blisters here! These shoes can’t be beaten!”

These JENN ARDOR Fashion Sneakers Have a Wild Design

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These slip-ons come in an even more glamorous print. They add a shiny finish to your outfit, while still remaining chilled out and casual.
The reviews say: “I wear between 7.5 / 8 the 8 is almost a tad too loose, but no rubbing on the heels. I get so many compliments and they are extremely soft on my foot for hours of all-day wear at work! Great purchase! Don’t think about it, just buy them!”

These Skechers Cleo Ballet Flats are Super Stretchy

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You can always count on Skechers to create a comfort shoe – but if you thought they stuck to sneakers, these cute flats will prove you very wrong.
The reviews say: “These shoes are exactly what I have been looking for – without the expensive price tag! I have been looking for a pair of cute comfortable flats to wear to work that wouldn’t hurt/worsen my bunion. These shoes are light and comfortable, I live and work downtown Chicago – meaning TONS of walking, and I was amazed at no blisters and no bunion pain! I also have wider feet so these shoes are stretchy and soft enough that they form to your foot without squeezing anything too tight. I would usually wear a 5.5, but I went to the store and tried on both the 5.5 and 6, but decided to go with a 6 to give extra room for my toes to not be pinched. Very happy with these shoes and will definitely be ordering more!”

These FUNKYMONKEY Comfort Slides are Fashion-Forward

  via Amazon / Teyy  

The classic design of these sliders means you can really have fun experimenting with their various colors and patterns.
The reviews say: “Very comfortable, I have wide feet but they are a generous fit, I would buy again!”

These Naturalizer Flexy Ballet Flats Look Great with Pants

  via Amazon / Gin  

These shoes offer the look of a more delicate ballet flat, but with a more substantial and supportive sole for extra comfort.
The reviews say: “My order came faster than I anticipated. It was a perfect fit at the size I usually buy so I’d say runs true to size. I was hesitant to order shoes w/out trying them on but these were so comfortable and I really, really love the look. Perfect with jeggings or jeans or slacks!! I ordered them in navy and love everything about them.
Would recommend them if you are looking for a low, comfortable shoe with pants!”

These Jessica Simpson Ballet Flats are Delightfully Feminine

  via Amazon / Gil_TSM  

For true ballerina chic, these flats offer some criss-cross ankle ribbons for extra cuteness. The silver shade is suprisingly versatile, too.
The reviews say: “Fab shoes, good fit, very comfortable.”

These VenusCelia Comfort Walking Shoes are Your New Go-To’s

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These slip-ons offer an amazing grip for anything who’s prone to being a little unsteady on their feet.
The reviews say: “Great quality, very comfortable, now own 6 pairs in various colors, probably the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever owned. Recommended to all my friends!”

These Amazon Essentials Two Band Sandals are Majorly Boho

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These minimal sandals look barely there, offering a comfortable sole with less foot coverage. They’re perfect for hotter climates!
The reviews say: “I just bought these to have a pair of shoes to romp around Vegas in for the weekend that I didn’t really care about scuffing up but still looked cute. They are so comfortable! I’m ordering more. The leather is so soft and a little stretchy so it conforms to your foot without tightness, but still so durable! Great shoe, so happy!”

These Blowfish Malibu Sneakers are Great for Everyday Looks

  via Amazon / Libby  

The elastic at the fronts of these sneakers ensures they fit your feet perfectly and hold on throughout the day. You can choose from plenty of colorways, too!
The reviews say: “Love these! I believe these had grey in the color description but they are a khaki color. Which is what I saw when I looked at the picture. They were a little slippery on the bottoms at first but now that I’ve worn them for a full day they’re fine. My foot is a bit wide and they fit fine but I wouldn’t want them to be any narrow or I couldn’t wear them. I am pleased with my purchase. Looking at getting another pair in a different color soon.”

These Crocs Literide Sandals have Super Stretchy Straps

  via Amazon / Lina Villa  

If strappy sandals tend to be the bane of your life, look no further than these ingenious slip-ons. The stretchy elastic bands are far more comfortable.
The reviews say: “I love these so much. I have plantar fasciitis and it is instant relief. like a massage for your feet! I am so happy I decided to proceed with this impulse purchase. one slight note: I am sometimes a 7uk and other times an 8uk, I went for the bigger size as I was afraid the elastic would be too tight. Fits well in the one size up.”

These LifeStride Yolo Sandals Have a Low Wedge

  via Amazon  

A slight wedge gives these sandals a more formal vibe without sacrificing on the comfort level.
The reviews say: “I love these sandals! Perfect for everyday use or for times when I want to look a little bit dressy/professional. I’ve received a number of compliments on them already!”

These Reebok Club C 85 Sneakers are Vintage Chic

  via Amazon / Idania Marin  

These sneakers are retro without looking dated and will give any outfit a chilled-out but trendy look.
The reviews say: “It took me a while to decide, I kept waffling back and forth but I’m so glad I got them. They are true to size, and I love that they are off-white, almost cream-colored. I ordered mine with the blue color yet somehow they match almost everything. I wasn’t sure if they were gonna look like old lady shoes but they’re just classic. Someone said they liked the “vintage” feel. I get compliments every time I wear them, and I’m pretty sure that even when they get a bit weathered they’ll still be cute.”

These Crocs Clogs Have Customers Raving

  via Amazon  

Crocs are having a serious moment, and these slimline versions of the classic clogs are just as comfortable but with a more low-key look.
The reviews say: “I absolutely love these crocs. I am glad I decided to keep them. Initially, when I put my feet in the shoe I thought they felt weird due to the tiny bobbles that I felt under my feet, Just takes minutes to adjust to the feel. I really enjoy wearing them love the feel of them too. They are strong comfy easy to slip on and off comfy with or without socks etc. I wore them out in the rain my feet nice and dry and felt safe walking in them I definitely recommend them.”

These ASICS Sneakers are Great for Runners

  via Amazon  

Many cite these sneakers as the ultimate in comfort. The bright colors are a wonderful mood booster, too.
The reviews say: “Delivered Saturday and wore that night for work eight hours of physical work and very happy none of the pains I suffered with were present no cramp or knee pain and the arch was good too bought half size bigger as recommended for brand and wide fit a true working shoe.”

These UGG Slide Slippers are Fluffy as Heck

  via Amazon / Mahia S  

These slides are having a huge fashion moment – and with the ideal combination of cosiness and street cred, it’s not hard to see why!
The reviews say: “Thank you for very quick delivery! I am so pleased with these; they have exceeded my expectations. I have worn Uggs for years including their slippers so I thought I would give this style a go. They are very soft and the elastic around the foot is comfortable. What I like about these is that you can wear them outdoors as sliders rather than just using them as house slippers. There is a very good chance that I will order another pair in a different color.”

These Fila Premium Sneakers Have a Cult Following

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For a slightly more edgy take on the sneaker trend, these Fila Disruptors are perfect. The added bonus is they can give you a height boost of a couple of inches without the discomfort of heels.
The reviews say: “I wear these for work where I’m either cycling or walking miles at a time and constantly on my feet, no matter the weather. keeps my feet warm and dry, the shoes themselves don’t have much if any arch support but I wear orthotics anyway so with the size of the shoe being perfect there is plenty of support.”

These Superga Nappaleaw Sneakers Have a Fun Platform

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These sneakers are slightly sleeker and more minimal but still have that ever-flattering platform.
The reviews say: “I’m obsessed with these sneakers! My 3rd pair. They do run a little loose but tie them tight and they’re perfect. Slip-on and off. Last forever!”

These Block Heeled Mules Elevate Any Outfit

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A higher heel doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort. These mules go with absolutely everything – and will allow you to dance all night long.
The reviews say: “Love the color and the fit. Will easily go with so many outfits. Haven’t worn them for a long period of time but seem pretty comfortable. I do recommend going up a half size (as I do with all mule-style shoes).”