I have no doubt that many of you reading this have worked jobs you haven't particularly enjoyed. Jobs for big companies, jobs on little money, jobs having to deal with rude customers with little reward for it.

However one thing that shouldn't be a worry when you're going to work, is that your life might be at risk in your place of employment.

Unfortunately, many people are forced into terrifying situations at work, such as this woman, Araceli Sotelo, who was working at a Subway in Rockford, Illinois.


When she was working her shift last weekend, CCTV footage captured the moment that a man stormed into the store and demanded Sotelo gave him all the money in the till. He did so while showing he had a gun.

Now none of us have any idea just how we'd react in that situation. I like to think I'd jump over the counter, distract the gun-holder, before dropping him with a right foot to the floor, disarming him, and telling my co-worker to stick Little Green Bag on the speaker system... In reality, I'd probably wet myself and hand over all the money and throwing in a footlong BMT for free...

But Sotelo was a real hero. Sotelo didn't back down. She didn't panic. She actually yelled at the guy to leave and to stop, and then began scuffling with him behind the counter.

Amazingly, Sotelo got the upper hand during the confrontation before they spilled out into the dining area. There Sotelo was able to knock the gun loose.

But that wasn't all, Sotelo also managed to rip off the potential thief's sweater, and then got a good hold of the gun. She even clocked the thief across the face with his own gun, not once but twice...

At this point the thief ran off, with just Sotelo's purse.

Many have been lauding Sotelo as a real hero. But unfortunately, not everybody felt that way about the ordeal. Mainly, her boss who actually contacted Sotelo and told her she wouldn't be working or paid until this video was completely scrubbed from the internet. This is something Sotelo says is virtually impossible now.

Although I wouldn't blame her if she did, Sotelo denies leaking the video herself... However she has since shared the video on her own TikTok channel... Again, who can blame her, if i was this badass I'd be whacking it on every single one of my social channels, and I'd create a few more just to share it again....

Admittedly, taking on an armed robber is probably not the wisest idea in the world. But to punish her for protecting herself, and the store, seems pretty wrong. Especially since she's now out of pocket, losing her phone, purse, and ID's during the altercation.

If you want to help Sotelo, you can do so via a GoFundMe which was set up by her mother....