Suicide Machine That Kills Users Instantly ‘Legalized in Switzerland’

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A machine in Switzerland that reportedly kills users in under a minute has been legalized, and here’s everything you need to know.

But, we will warn you that this information is sensitive, so please continue at your own discretion.

It might be a surpise to many that a machine that assists people with ending their lives has actually been legalized…

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But, assisted suicide is in fact very common in Switzerland, and has been legal since 1942, as well.

Surprisingly though, euthanasia isn’t legal in the country.

But, what’s the difference?

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Assisted suicide is the act of assisting another person in killing themselves upon that person’s request, whereas euthanasia is the act of relieving a person’s suffering by ending their life.

And so, in Switzerland assisted suicide is legal, as long as it’s not carried out selfishly, but euthanasia is not.

That’s why the ‘suicide machine’ created by Dr. Philip Nitschke that has in fact been legalized, has quite a few oppositions.

Dr. Philip Nitschke is the director of the pro-euthanasia group Exit International, and his machine can be towed to a place desired by the user, and then transformed into a coffin.

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But, those who oppose euthanasia do not agree with the methods used to end a person’s life.

Talking to the Independent, Nitschke said: “Gas may never be an acceptable method for assisted suicide in Europe due to the negative connotations of the Holocaust. Some have even said that it’s just a glorified gas chamber.”

And, even though the Sacro machine reportedly helps a person end their life painlessly and peacefully by inducing hypoxia and hypocapnia, a state of decreased oxygen, many think that it just glorifies death by suicide.

With 1 Twitter user saying they’re “Shocked” and “Saddened” to see such an invention, prompting those struggling to remember that: “There are people who care.”

But, regardless of objections, the Sacro machine has reportedly been legalized, and Dr. Philip Nitschke has said it will hopefully be running in Switzerland as early as next year.

According to SwissInfo, Nitschke admits that there are no legal issues, either.

“Last year, we sought senior advice on the legality of using Sarco in Switzerland for assisted dying. This review has been completed and we’re very pleased with the result which found that we hadn’t overlooked anything. There are no legal issues at all,” he said to the news outlet.

There are only 2 prototypes of the machine at the minute, but the 3rd Sacro assisted dying machine is being printed in the Netherlands, as per the local news outlet.

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“Barring any unforeseen difficulties, we hope to be ready to make Sarco available for use in Switzerland next year. It’s been a very expensive project so far but we think we’re pretty close to implementation now,” he finished.

What do you think about this machine? And are you pro-assisted suicide/euthanasia, or not?

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