‘Suits’ Has Finished Production for Last Ever Series

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Legal drama, Suits, has become a binge-watching classic over the years as well as a fan favorite among law students across the world.

Set in a fictional law firm in New York City, the show, which first premiered in 2011, has garnered a huge fan base But, sadly, 8 years on from its debut, it’s been announced that the series has wrapped up production on its final ever series.

The cast has already begun taking to social media to make their final goodbyes, with Gabriel Macht (aka Harvey Specter), leading the bittersweet tributes earlier this week.

Keep scrolling to see the cast make their emotional farewells to the beloved series.

Suits first hit screens in 2011.

The legal drama premiered on June 23, 2011, on USA Network, and quickly became a fan favorite.

The show follows intelligent college dropout, Mike Ross, who’s on the run from a drug deal gone bad.

Despite never attending law school, Mike accidentally interviews for the job, and gets it, landing himself a top positon working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City’s best lawyers.

And, let’s be honest, being a lawyer without going to law school is a pretty big secret to have.

The show has been on our screens for a whopping 8 seasons (with the ninth currently airing) and has seen itself become a popular pick amongst law students.

It’s also got a very famous cast member…

The Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, played Rachel Zane in the drama but left in April last year to join the Royal Family. What a turn of events.

The drama has just begun airing its final ever season.

With the final episodes of season 9 airing later this year, it will be the last time that we’ll see the show on our screens.

As they wrapped up production on their final ever episode, the cast took to social media to bid the show a final farewell.

The actor took to Instagram to pen a poignant message about the show, thanking his wife, Jacinda Barrett, for sticking by him as well as the team, and, of course, thanking fans of the hit series for their support.

In the Instagram post, he wrote: “9 years ago I started the @suits_usa journey. It all began with the most important person in my life by my side.” This life that has offered us so much… some easy, many challenging, countless miles apart and hours, days, and months separating us and our loved ones, not to mention years of sacrifice on so many levels.” He then went on to thank his “wonderful” crew and “fantastic” fans: “I count my blessings you sticking with me through to the bittersweet end of this era. As I have thanked my wonderful crew, my talented ensemble, and the fantastic fans that keep coming back for more… I am most grateful for @jacindabarrett because without her there is no way any of this would have happened.”

“And that’s a series wrap on my brother @rickehoffman.” “No words for this one,” she wrote.

He thanked her for supporting him every step of the way during his “9-year dream.” “So it’s the last week of a 9-year dream, and the person responsible for bringing me in to meet my boss, and reading with me, supporting me every step of the way, and therefore changing my entire life is @bonnieezane,” he wrote. “Her warmth and sense of humor, and passion for casting every fun role around us was contagious. A family member for life. Thank you dear Bonnie. I love you.”

She called the entire cast her “family” in a touching Instagram post. “My salute to the MOST delicious cast and crew, was wonderfully private, including hugs I can still feel. “Today I say goodbye for the second and last time to all that made this show so very extraordinary. You know who you are.”

Although many viewers seem disappointed that the show is coming to an end this year, many are saying that the final season is giving the show the best send-off.

Suits season 9 airs every Wednesday on USA Network at 9pm.

It’s also available on Netflix every Thursday. The final episodes in the season are expected to be released later this year. In the meantime, we suppose you’re probably seeking out your next TV obsession seeing as Suits is ending pretty soon. Well, we’ve got you covered as we’ve ranked the best shows available on Netflix right now. Keep scrolling to discover your next favorite binge-watch