Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum up What It Means to Be an Adult | 22 Words

Sooner or later, everyone falls for the trick of growing up.

As a child, you think that being a grown-up is going to be the best thing ever. You make your own money, you can stay up as late as you want, and you can buy ice cream whenever you want! But once you get a bit older, you realize that your childhood assumptions were a little bit off.

Sure, you make money, but it goes straight to paying the bills. You can stay up super late, but you'll regret it in the morning. And that ice cream you can buy whenever you want? It might make you feel bloated and guilt, or grumpy.

All in all, adulthood is pretty stinking hard. Only, you don't realize that until you become an adult. It's a cruel system. At least we can joke about it, though!

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by adulthood, I'm here for you.

And while I can't exactly make it better, I can share with you some funny tweets that happen to perfectly sum up what it means to be a grown-up. Maybe some ice cream would help?

I just did this.

I remember when I used to be so excited every time the phone rang. Now I dread every single conversation on the phone. I also used to look forward to getting mail, until it was all junk and bills.

My least favorite rom-com!

So, more like a comedy. Actually, make that a tragic comedy.

Hooray for slow cookers!

When you're an adult, you get excited about things you never thought would be exciting. Like a good insurance plan, or naps.

A rude awakening.

This is truly a difficult time. Let us share a moment of silence for this person and their newfound financial hardship.

At least you have planners to look forward to!

Reading this tweet reminded me that I still need to get my own planner for next year. I better get a few dozen notebooks, too. You can never have too many!

Slow down there, killer!

Whoa, an iron? What are you, a grandparent? Take it easy.

It really is an extreme sport.

And, just like all sports (both extreme and standard), I am bad at it! If you are someone who has figured it all out, please teach me your ways!

Too real.

The older I get, the more I realize how much I like being in my own home. Not to mention the fact that rent is expensive. I might as well try to get my money's worth.


Farewell, youth. It was nice knowing you.

I need an adultier adult!

Nothing is more terrifying than walking into a room full of children and realizing that they view you as the person in charge.

Everything is so expensive!

Where is all of the free stuff? I was told there'd be more free stuff.

Thanks anyway!

I've taken all the information into consideration and decided that I will not be growing up after all. I hope you can understand.

*Heavy sighs*

The other day I met a middle schooler and had a bit of a heart attack upon learning that they were actually a sophomore in college. It's getting rough out there.

I don't want to wear pants.

OK, maybe you can make me wear pants, but you can't make me stand up! I'm an adult, so if I want to spend three hours lying on the kitchen floor and freaking out about my life, I'm going to do it!


There's also plenty of "ICAT." Which is code for "I can't afford that?"

I'm fine.

Oh, this sword? This is my neck sword. Everything is bad, but that's fine. How are you?

Maybe no one will notice.

Every day I think someone will discover that I'm faking it. So far, so good!

A very important list.

In that order! This is the list that every adult must adhere to.

Call me when it's $50.

When I was in the third grade, I found a $20 bill on the sidewalk and thought I was basically the Queen. Now? I don't even know if I'd pick it up. (Just kidding just kidding, of course, I would I am so poor.)

All the Advil you could ever want.

Don't forget Car Advil and Work Desk Advil! And what's that? Multiple bottles of hand lotion? You really are a grown-up.

This one is a bummer.

If you're single, I think you can get away with the bed-in-corner look for way longer than you might think. Treasure this precious time.

Good luck talking sense into yourself.

My main argument against this is, "Yeah, but it's going to take time to assemble that food into a meal. Or I could order pizza!"

I miss this feeling.

Going to a bookstore isn't the same. Not even if you have a gift card. I've tried it!

I can't handle this.

No one's every quite ready for adulthood. But it comes for us all.

It all makes sense now.

On the other hand, you could order a pizza!

Forever and ever.

You don't talk to your friends as an adult. You just apologize for not getting back to them sooner.

This is not a good video game.

You have no idea what any of the buttons do, everyone else seems to have mastered everything, and you never have enough money to buy the loot you want.

Good luck!

Whatever you do, don't start Googling symptoms. You'll convince yourself that you are dying but still won't go to the doctor.

This is *my* banana!

Or, you put it in the freezer and tell yourself you're going to make banana bread, even though you know you are never going to make it. Share this with a fellow adult!