19 Travel Hacks to Use on Your Summer Vacation

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Summer is here!

You know what that means?


Whether you’re headed out for a weeklong vacay, taking a weekend jaunt, or holing up at home for a staycation, we hope you’re able to take a break from “real life” and enjoy some downtime. If you do happen to be traveling, we have some great hacks you’ll definitely want to keep in mind for your trip!

Pack your bags.

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Keep your luggage organized with some gallon-size storage bags. You can pack what you’re wearing each day into a separate, labeled bag. When the day is done, put the clothes right back in the same bag to keep dirty laundry from mixing in with your clean stuff!

Always be prepared.

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Provide yourself some peace of mind by bringing a variety of medications with you. Don’t want to be caught without them! We love this idea of using a pill case! It takes up so much less room than a bunch of bottles.

Next-level hacking.

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You may be planning to watch shows or movies on your phone, but you don’t want to get stuck having to hold your phone for the entire flight. All you need is a sandwich bag, and you can keep your hands free while you enjoy your in-flight entertainment.

No more spills!

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Before packing liquids in your bag, add a layer of plastic wrap under the lid. (You can also put them in yet another storage bag just in case!) This next hack will protect your clothes from your shoes!

Grab a shower cap!

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Store your shoes in a shower cap in order to keep dirt from getting on your clothes. (If your shoes get dirty while you’re on your trip and you forgot this trick, most hotels have shower caps that they provide free of cost!)

Repurpose those containers!

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An old mints container makes a great little travel case for your headphones. You can even decorate it with some patterned paper (although this is obviously not a requirement).

Don’t throw away the Tic Tac case!

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Use it to hold bobby pins! It’ll keep them from getting lost in your bag and also doubles as a handy little dispenser.

Press’n Seal is a dream product.

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It’s not just for leftovers! Use it to create special little pockets for your bulky jewelry. If you’re careful, you should be able to reuse it after you wear the jewelry, too.

Is there anything binder clips can’t do?

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Binder clips are definitely the Internet’s favorite little gadget — and for good reason! They’re perfect for wrangling cords and cables. Plus, you can get a bunch of them for super cheap. This next hack is one you’ll want to keep in mind for photographs.

Get your dream photos.

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Use this clever trick to remove tourists from your travel photos. This is especially great if you’re traveling to destinations that are usually super touristy.


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Don’t: Bring a bottle of water through security at the airport. (They’ll confiscate it.) Do: Bring an EMPTY water bottle with you through security and fill it from the drinking fountain afterward. Then you won’t have to pay $7 for a bottle of water.

Packing cubes are a wise investment.

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Packing cubes are basically tiny suitcases that fit inside your bigger suitcase. They make it much easier to pack more items and keep everything organized while you’re on your trip.


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This is probably the most clever use of buttons since using them to fasten clothes! You could even probably use the buttons on your clothes if you really wanted to!

Don’t pack a whole bottle.

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If your trip is a short one, you can save room in your bag by putting lotion, foundation, or other creams in a contact lens case rather than packing the entire bottle. Next up: Another use for binder clips!

Safety first!

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Attach a binder clip to your razor to keep it covered. This also ensures it won’t do any damage to your clothes.

This. Is. Brilliant.

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You can fit a T-shirt and a pair of underwear inside a pair of socks with this amazing method. Assuming you’re going to wear your pants more than once, you can just pop a couple of these sock capsules in your bag and be good to go!

Here’s another use for those pill cases:

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You can use them to organize your jewelry for the trip. Bonus points if you get the ones with the days of the week on them!

It’s always a good idea to have some cash when you travel.

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But it’s not a great idea to keep all of your cash together. Roll it up and stick it in an empty chapstick tube for a clever disguise and extra security.

Got an extra toothbrush case?

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Use it for your makeup brushes! So smart, right? Share this with someone who will be traveling this summer!