Super Useful Visual Guides to Teach You Everything

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Here’s a true fact about humans: we love visuals. Give us some boring information but put it in a colorful graphic and it’s suddenly the coolest thing ever. Now make that graphic helpful and chock full of information? Hot diggity, we’re about to fall in love.

Thankfully Reddit will never cease to provide the internet with exactly what we want, and right now what we want are visual guides to absolutely everything. Have you ever wanted to know which flowers will attract bees? What about the best colors to pair together in an outfit? Or perhaps an easy to remember chart of how to spot fake news?

We’ve got all of those visual guides and more. Who knows what you’ll learn? You’ll have to check out the rest of the article to discover the treasure troves of visual info we’ve found. Let’s check it out. You’ll probably learn something very cool.

Check out this guide to studying well so that you can remember all the cool information we share in these graphics.

This graphic breaks them down by which is the most effective, and it’s not always what you’d expect.

This chart of kinds of data can help you understand what’s useful and how it’s useful.

This fake news graphic can help you with that. It gives you strategies to determine if a source is reasonable, or if you should question that “fact” you just read.

Might I suggest one of these dozens of types of pasta? Now you can decide exactly which pasta is right for the sauce that you want.

Oooh look at this absolutely beautiful chart of the evolution of the English language. The color coding really takes it to the next level. It is WILD to look at that first row vs. the last row.

If that’s your jam, check out this beautiful illustration of flowers that will attract bees. Time to rethink my garden.

I had no idea that the US held this much of the world’s wealth. Whoa.

There’s this very cool chart of the richest person in each state. They all look oddly smug.

Check out this chart of ways to live longer! Maybe you can increase your lifespan just a bit.

Here’s a simpler version: 10 ways to keep your brain healthy! It might not help you live longer, but it definitely will help you feel better.

This one is just fun: the tallest structures in the world throughout history. They’re not what you’d expect either.

Check out this guide to planning a wedding. It can be overwhelming to figure out a timeline, but this is simple and clear.

But you just want to figure out what to wear to the wedding. Lucky for you we have quite a few guides on clothing. First up: types of skirts.

This guide of necklines can help you find the perfect match. I had definitely never heard of some of these.

This handy dandy color chart tells you which colors to pair together to get the perfect complementary or tonal outfit.

How do you make sure you’re dressing your baby correctly based on the temperature? As a non-parent this is something I never considered and I am now terrified of improperly dressing a sleeping baby.

By staying productive every day of course! This guide will help you out with that: it has tips for keeping your days on track.

You want to be creative! There are some other strategies you can use for that and we’ve got them all right here.

In that case this list of words you can use instead of “said” is a great help. It’s even broken up by type!

The evolution of Crayola: perhaps the most satisfying chart included here. So many pretty colors.

Take this “types of toxic people” graphic: this is the kind of thing that can really save you when you’re in a bad relationship, so keep it close by.

There’s this amazing guide to high-fives. I don’t know who needs this, but it seems important.

Be grateful you are not a meerkat, because those boys just love to murder each other.

Food is comforting and delicious. Especially all of these types of ramen. Please make me one of each.

I had no idea sorbet and sherbet were different…or even that tartufo was a thing. Guess I’ll have to try them all.

This to scale solar system blew my mind. Look at how small we are! We’re so cute!

Next time you’re out mention those beautiful cumulus clouds and feel really cool. Or really nerdy.

It’s nice to know all the people he fathered. It can be pretty challenging to keep track of.

There’s this chart of radioactive elements. I had no idea we used all of these for so many things!