Supreme and Oreo Collabed and People Are Going Crazy for the Packaging

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Supreme’s newest Spring/Summer 2020 collection has made the headlines for providing us with statement prints and impressive patchwork. We expected this collection to be fire after the teaser video featured a hologram of Tupac Shakur wearing a pair of their branded boxers. I mean, it doesn’t get any more impressive than that, does it?

Well, hold onto your snapbacks ladies and gentlemen, the revelation also saw the fashion giant collaborate with Oreo to create one of the most visually appealing cookies I have ever seen.

Keep scrolling to see why people are going crazy for this new invention…

The range was revealed with a casual look book starring Sage Elsesser and I’m going to take you through some of the new additions including this all-new Oreo cookie.

This season’s highlights saw distinctive prints take over.

I’d hate to wear this one in the rain…

Two other defining characteristics of the latest collection.

But that’s because you haven’t seen the back…

Yes, I think that is Mother Mary.

It’s basically a mullet hoodie.

Party in the back.

Supreme have decided to take supernatural visuals of famous faces including Tupac Shakur and create some statement pieces.

This time we have a black and white image of Jesus stamped onto a hippie-print tee to create this contrasting masterpiece. It shouldn’t work, but it does.

It takes confidence to pull these off.

These would be perfect for you.

Accessories are a must.

Here you go.

The main color palette for this season of bags consists of Supreme’s signature red, yellow, black and a limited edition blue “chocolate chip” desert camouflage print.

But we have one. And it’s none of the products I have just shown you.

Supreme’s recent collaboration with Oreo was revealed straight after this Spring/Summer collection and it has taken the world by storm.

They will be released in packs of three and will cost $8.

But the usual dark brown color has been substituted with Supreme’s iconic red and is accompanied by the brand’s name stamped firmly on each cookie.

So, they may be a little tricky to get your hands on. Keep your eyes peeled for the official release date so you can be the first to snatch up. If you want to read more about different Oreos, then keep scrolling.