Surfer With Coronavirus Dragged off Beach by Officials in Hazmat Suits

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A surfer in Spain who recently tested positive for coronavirus was dragged off the beach by officials in hazmat suits when they discovered she was breaking lockdown.

It’s time for people to start taking this pandemic seriously…

And she was arrested by officials wearing hazmat suits in front of the entire beach.

The virus, which originated in China, was quick to spread across the globe, bringing most countries to a total standstill.

The speed of infection was terrifying.

As it stands, there are over twenty-seven million cases of the virus worldwide and the number of deaths is staggering. We can’t even begin to imagine what the families of those lost to this horrendous virus must be currently going through.

In order to avoid a second spike and, inevitably, even more deaths.

A vaccine needs to be found, and fast.

But, so far, their efforts have been to no avail.

And that’s not just here in America… it’s happening all around the world where infection rates continue to climb.

It’s pretty much a slap in the face for every single healthcare worker out there putting their lives on the line.

But one woman in Spain who had tested positive for COVID well and truly faced the consequences of her actions when she decided to simply ignore her quarantine period and go out surfing.

Despite having recently tested positive for COVID which, we must say, is an incredibly reckless move on her part.

And several armed officers, a few of which were clad in hazmat suits, stormed the beach and dragged the woman out of the water.

And it was reported that when she refused to stop surfing and tried to flee from the officers, she was arrested for disobeying authorities and crimes against public health.

And they were aware of her ignoring the lockdown rules.

And since then, the video has gone viral along with sparking global outrage over her selfish actions.

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