We could all do with a little bit of cheering up right now, couldn't we? We're living through a global pandemic and times are tougher than ever... but what is the one thing that makes everyone happy?

Cake, of course!

But what if we told you that you can now buy a cake stand with a hidden gift pod that holds all kinds of different gifts? We present to you the Surprise Cake Stand, and at just $49.98, you can buy your very own by clicking here!

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Who doesn't love cake?

Well, we most certainly do! Cake is the best comfort food, and comfort food is exactly what we need right now during the global pandemic.

But who wants any old cake when you can have a Surprise Cake?

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Introducing... the Surprise Cake Stand complete with a gift pod and a pull-ring trigger to present the special surprise.

The stand is compatible with any kind of cake.

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The gift pod completely conceals whatever gift you want to give - whether that's jewelry or a new cell phone - and the pull-ring trigger allows you to reveal your surprise in the best possible way. This is ideal for cheering up family members during the lockdown.

And the best part is...

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The Surprise Stand is completely reusable and hand-washable - meaning you can surprise your loved ones over and over again!