15 Taco Bell Hacks That Will Change the Way You Eat Fast Food | 22 Words

Sure, Taco Bell fans may think there's no room for improvement on the menus offerings, but if you're willing to trust the experts, you'll find there's a whole undiscovered world of menu options out there.

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Substitutions, combinations, and preparations can all be tweaked to take your Taco Bell experience from "great" to "perfection." See how to do it with this handy guide.

Substitute Doritos

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"You can substitute Doritos out for nachos in your meal deal at Taco Bell for free" - via @xLittleLionx

Free extra cheese on everything!

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Yup, all you gotta do is ask. Cause what's not better with more cheese?

Use the cheese sauce for...

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...everything. And DON'T let anyone tell you that can't can't dip something in nacho cheese sauce. That's a lie.

Eat your 'dilla first.

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The sauce on those things gets a little wonky as it cools, so go quesadilla first. Always.

Get sauce sent to your home.

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Yup, you can order their sauces from Amazon. That changes everything.

Press that stuff.

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Hot or not, you can toss your Taco Bell food in a panini press and get that stuff warm and crispy in a hurry.


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You can substitute potatoes for meat in just about anything.


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Because why have non-melted cheese when you could have the alternative?

More Doritos?

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Yup, you can even sub Doritos into Nachos Grande. Don't hesitate to do this.

Bootleg margarita?

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I could see this working really well.

Don't limit your sauces to just Taco Bell food.

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"Are you bored with your basic frozen pizza? life hack: cover it in tabo [sic] bell fire sauce." via @mackenxcheese

Or, go beans instead of meat to mix things up.

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Vegetarian or not, sometimes you just want beans, right?

I don't even know what this is.

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But I know I'm ordering it.

Put them on eggs.

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Or, you know, literally anything you want to consume.

For the experts...

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"Taco Bell Hack - Buy 2 mini chicken quesadillas, and 1 spicy tostado. Break tostada in half and put each half into quesadillas. [sic] You're welcome." via@ChrisNRC