Taco Bell Is Removing Mexican Pizza From Their Menu Along With Many More Iconic Items | 22 Words

People of the internet are feeling the pain of loss as Taco Bell removes some of its most iconic menu items.

Mexican food is everyone's favorite.

For a quick meal or a drunken snack, there's nothing better.

Mexico just gets it right.

And we are beyond grateful!

There are so many great options.

Burritos, tacos, enchiladas ... who could pick?

And when it comes to Mexican, there's only one fast-food venue.

Taco Bell, of course!

But this week, the internet isn't feeling too happy with the chain.

And it's not hard to see why ...

Taco Bell has an extensive menu.

But that also means they're not afraid to pull classic items.

They've done it before.

But their latest product cull perhaps hurts most of all...

We're sorry to break the news ...

via: Taco Bell

But they're taking the Mexican Pizza away from us.

And that's not the only item to go!

The Shredded Chicken (meaning the Shredded Chicken Soft Taco, Shredded Chicken Burrito, and Shredded Chicken Quesadilla Melt) and the Pico de Gallo are also donesies.

People are not happy.

TBH, we understand their emotions perfectly.

On the plus side, they are introducing a Chicken Chipotle Melt, a Dragonfruit Freeze, Green Sauce, and Quesalupa.

But itΒ doesn'tΒ make up for it! Want more fast food news? Scroll on ...