Taco Truck Keeps Your Kid’s Tacos Upright While Entertaining Them

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While kids are super cute and obviously hilarious, they’re not without their faults. And one of the biggest? Their messy, messy table manners! If you’ve ever sat opposite a child for a fancy meal, you’ll know how much of a struggle kids face when trying to get food into their mouths. But these ingenious taco trucks look set to change all that…

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Yep, these taco trucks will hold the messiest food in place.

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Plus, they look absolutely adorable while doing it.

​Honestly, which ​adult ​hasn’t struggled with a taco falling apart on them?

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We could probably use this as a delivery device, too.

Parents everywhere are citing these trucks as total game changers.

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They have a super impressive 4.8 out of 5-star rating, based on over 500 customer reviews.

“We eat a lot of tacos around here and these little trucks see a lot of action! Heat some small corn tortillas in the toaster oven, fold them into these holders, and you have a less greasy and fattening taco shell to stuff with a bit of shrimp, fish, ground turkey, etc. Fun and healthy! They are very functional, clean up easy and, I promise you, these are not just for children as long as you have a bit of humor!” writes one happy parent.

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Another agrees, adding: “I got these as a gift for my hubby that loves taco night. They are so cute and work well to hold the tacos upright. So much easier and much less messy when we eat with these. Easy to clean and so far they’ve help up well to multiple taco nights.”

Cute and functional? We’ll take twenty!

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