Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's Daughter Sparks Concern | 22 Words

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's youngest daughter, Tallulah Willis, has sparked some serious concern among fans with her latest Instagram selfie.

Read on to find out why people are so worried...

Now, it all started back in 1987 when actors Demi Moore and Bruce Willis tied the knot.

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Even though they separated after only a year and divorced in 2000, the pair share 3 children together - Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah.

People have always admired the pair for their lack of drama over the years...

And unlike many divorced couples, Demi and Bruce have co-parented their kids wonderfully.

And who remembers the time when Bruce gave Demi's ex-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher his seal of approval?

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Now that was a little bit weird!

Demi was even a guest of honor at Bruce's Comedy Central Roast in 2018...

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And she spoke about how proud she is of their divorce and their ability to co-parent happily together - which must have been wonderful for their children.

And through Demi's ups and downs...

Bruce has always been there to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on... and we fully stan for that.

Of course, in the current climate, millions have been quarantining themselves in their homes over the last year...

And with the lockdown not excluding the rich and famous, Demi also had to quarantine... But she wasn't alone.

Alongside quarantining with her 3 daughters and their partners in the summer of 2020...

Bruce decided to stay with them - forming one big, happy family.

The gang looked very happy to be in each other's company...

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And we must say, they all looked incredible wearing their matching striped pajamas.

It is truly refreshing to see a divorced couple maintaining such a strong and healthy friendship...

And from the looks on everyone's faces, it has formed an incredibly happy family environment.

However, there was one thing on everyone's mind...

What did Bruce's current wife, Emma Hemming, think of this?

It can't have been easy having your husband choose to quarantine with an ex...

And she took to Instagram to comment on the family photo.

Her comment read:

"Not many can pull that color off! Lookin' good squad."

And it didn't take long for Demi to weigh in on the unconventional setup.


The actress opened up to her friend, Naomi Campbell on her YouTube series, No Filter with Naomi, about spending the early part of her quarantine in Idaho with her ex-husband, their 3 daughters, and later Willis' 2 younger daughters and his current wife, Emma.

​"There's been a lot of challenges and a lot of tragedy with the pandemic, but I also think there's been a lot of gifts and blessings."


She then continued:

"I personally feel like I was really grateful for things slowing down and the time that we had. It worked out that Bruce came and spent time with us and then his current wife and their small daughters joined a little bit later when the kids were finished with school."

"It was really a blessing," she said of the experience.


"It's everything that's come forward has allowed us to reevaluate what's important and what needs attention that has been overlooked and neglected. It was amazing."

But in more recent times...


Some major concern has been concerned for Bruce and Demi's little brood.

Bruce and Demi's youngest daughter, Tallulah, sparked some concern among her fans this week...

When she posted a selfie from the hospital before being prepped for surgery.

Now, Tallulah is no stranger to hospital visits.

Last year, the twenty-seven-year-old opened up to fans and bravely shared an emotional post about battling depression and suicidal thoughts.

She has also opened up about her battles with alcoholism and eating disorders in the past...

And she has since partnered with the Loveland Foundation, a charity which gives therapy support to Black women.

So of course, fans were desperate to find out what was going on...


With some expecting the worst possible news.

But it turns out that Tallulah wasn't going under the knife for cosmetic purposes or for emergency surgery...


As she later confirmed it was for nasal surgery for a deviated septum.

Posing with her doctor, Tallulah captioned the snap:

"In da best 🤲🏼 !"

Well, we hope Tallulah's surgery was a success!

And we also hope to see her on a quick road to recovery.

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