Tanqueray Is Back on 'Humans of New York' and People Want Her Wild Story To Be Turned Into a TV Series | 22 Words

The iconic Tanqueray from The Humans of New York Instagram page is back with a huge post series about her life, revealing never-heard-before details and featuring all-new photos.

But, her return is bittersweet...

Brandon Stanton, an NYC-based photographer launched Humans of New York in 2010

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And it was an immediate internet success.

It's not hard to see why - the account is filled with stunning portraits and amazing captions.

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Some are hilarious. “What do you want to be when you grow up?" “Fireman." “Why do you want to be a fireman?" “I said Ironman!"

Some are inspirational.

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"I’m going to find a job, goddamnit. Nobody is going to force me into retirement at 61. I moved to New York at the age of 35 with nothing but $1000 and a cat. I’ve reinvented myself once. And I can do it again."

And some really give you an insight into the variety of human experience.

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"I’m sixty-two now. I have three more years. I sold heroin. A lot of it. I had forty people working for me. If you were to ask me thirty-four years ago what it was going to be like in prison, I couldn’t have imagined. It’s been the same thing every day. Everyone I care about is gone. My mother passed. My father passed. My brother and sister. If I look backwards, I’ll lose my mind. I just try to keep busy and take it one day at a time."

But one of the most iconic HONY people?

Well, her story might just be the most shocking one yet.

The story belongs to a woman known only as Tanqueray.

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And, boy oh boy, has she lived a long and fascinating life. We're just glad she shared her tales with us!

The first time we met her, we got a handful of anecdotes about her life.

And people were hooked, to say the least.

Understandably, the posts gained a lot of attention.

The comments section is flooded with people shocked and fascinated by Tanqueray's amazing life.

And, back by popular demand...

Tanqueray has made a return to HONY this week in a lengthy thirty-two part post series titled "Tattletales From Tanqueray."

But this time, her return is bittersweet.

"Many of you will remember this young lady. Tanqueray caused quite a stir a few months ago when she dropped some truth bombs on us, while wearing a hand-beaded faux mink coat that she made herself. What you don’t know is what happened afterward. Tanqueray—whose real name is Stephanie—sat for a series of twenty interviews with me, during which time I transcribed her entire life story. And whoa boy, what a story," wrote Brandon Stanton, introducing the series last week.

"Stephanie is a born performer, so we were initially going to make a podcast out of it. But unfortunate circumstances have required a change in plans. Stephanie’s health has taken a bad turn, and she’s in a really tough spot."

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"So I’m going to tell her story right here, right now. It’s the most ambitious storytelling I’ve ever attempted on the blog. It will unfold over the course of 32 posts. But if there’s anyone who can hold an audience for an entire week—it’s Tanqueray. "As her story is shared, we will be raising money to ensure that Stephanie can live the rest of her life in comfort and dignity. Stephanie has a lot of urgent needs, so her care will be expensive. But her story is priceless. If the series adds any value to your life over the next seven days, please consider making a contribution to our fundraiser through the link in bio. 'Tattletales From Tanqueray’ will begin tomorrow."

The series goes into more detail than ever before, with a plethora of unseen photos.

And of course, has had a huge impact on fans. (You can read the full thing at the end.)

It's also meant that a ton of money has been raised to support Tanqueray.

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The GoFundMe, which you can check out here, has managed to raise a staggering $2.5 million, at the time of writing.

Based on just these posts...

Fans have all been asking for one thing.

They want Tanqueray's life to be turned into a TV series.

No word as yet if any networks have picked up on this - but our hopes are high. We'd be tuning in for sure. 

That would be one binge-worthy show!

So, without further ado, scroll on to read her full (and very wild) life story. You're in for one hell of a journey with this one...