With summer fast approaching, we're all frantically searching for something, anything that will fill the void we're all experiencing due to the pandemic.

Although things might be up in the air right now, here are some sure-fire ways to ensure your seasonal decor skills are on point this summer.

Who needs to go outside when it looks this good inside. Keep scrolling for Target's latest Sun Squad decor...

Houseplants have really taken off in the past few years.

The fact that many of us live in apartments without outdoor space means we want to bring the outside in.

You can turn your home into an indoor jungle.

There's just one problem. Keeping plants alive can be hard!

But luckily, there's a solution.

There are indoor plants that don't require quite so much constant care or attention.


These little saviors require minimal care but still make your house feel natural and homey. Nice!

And now some super cute new succulents have hit the market.

via: Etsy

Firstly, we have these bunny rabbit succulents are just too cute for words.

Its actual name is the Monilaria obconica.

via: Etsy

But they do look just like cute lil bunnies popping their heads out of the ground, right?

The ears are even slightly furry.

via: Etsy

And over time their ears grow longer and longer.

Unluckily, over time ...

via: Etsy

They start to look less and less like the bunnies they were in their youth.

Until they look like this.

Not exactly bunnies - but still pretty aesthetically pleasing!

You know what else is aesthetically pleasing?

These rose succulents.

Technically, they're known as Echeveria plants.

via: Etsy

And their unique rose-petal shape gives them the grace and beauty of an actual flower, even though they last much longer than a bouquet.

Look at how pretty they are!

via: Amazon

Any window ledge or desk top would look amazing with a few of these dotted here and there. But as pretty as they are, they don't compare to the new succulent in town...

They're selling out quicker than you can say seasonal decor...

With summer just around the corner, there's no better way to get ready than to deck out your apartment with the essentials.

Target has come to the rescue releasing its Sun Squad collection, which includes adorable faux succulents at just $5 each!

The little succulents are only 4 inches tall and although they are currently available on Target's website, they won't be for long...

There are 4 designs available...

via: Target

Target's pineapple succulent is a must-have for anyone needing a taste of the tropics. It's just what we need to lift our spirits right now.

The strawberry pot looks good enough to eat.

via: Target

This is great for adding that much-needed pop of color to any space. The succulent acts as the strawberry leaf, which is literally the cutest thing.

We all need a bit of fun in our lives right now.

via: Target

If you're a fan of the deep blue, and you're missing out on essential surfing time, this quirky little shark succulent is a necessity. It's sure to catch anyone's eye.

No pool party is complete without this little guy.

via: Target

Target's panda succulent is ready for summer, and you will be too if you can get your hands on them before they go...

Gotta love plants!

You can get all of Target's latest Sun Squad succulents here. And if you really want to treat your succulents right, scroll on for an incredible robot plant pot ...