Target is Selling Mini Haunted Houses For Cats

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Halloween is the most magical time of year. Be it scary movies, free candy, or the ability to dress up as anyone you like, for many of us, it’s the ultimate holiday. But there has always been a downside to Halloween, too – it’s not something that everyone can celebrate. For far too long, our furry friends have been left out of spooky proceedings. Until now, that is.

The internet has discovered something pretty incredible this week that means even your feline pals can enjoy the scariest time of the year, too. Yep, you read that right: haunted houses for cats exist – and you can buy them right now.

Sure, Halloween isn’t for more than a month – but those in the know tend to start getting excited early.

For the horror fans amongst us, there’s no better time to settle in with a scary movie. But even for those who are easily spooked, Halloween can be a pretty fun holiday.

But for way too long, there has been a huge gap in the Halloween market. What about all the pet cats out there??

These are the animals that are the closest pals of witches, after all!

But if your cat did want to celebrate Halloween, options were pretty slim.

Until now, that is. The internet has discovered an amazing niche market – haunted houses built exclusively for cats.

Honestly, where else would they be? Target is known for knocking it out of the park with their Halloween stock, like this adorable mini skull planter.

And this year, they’ve even included cats in the mix.

Target is stocking a huge range of different, cat-friendly Halloween costumes, including this angler fish. Totally unimpressed facial expression not included.

How about this extra-scary witches hat? So, you can get your cat something spooky to wear – but what about the rest?

Like somewhere scary to live?

Well, this year, Target has exactly what you need for that ultra-niche need, too.

Target are now selling mini haunted houses, built especially for your cat to live in during the spooktacular fall months.

It measures nineteen inches long, seventeen inches wide, and almost twenty-three inches tall – meaning there are strictly no dogs allowed inside.

Instead of the typical old floorboards, the floors of this mansion are made of scratch post materials, making this as useful as it is cute.

Many famous cat-Instagrammers have posted snaps of their feline friends enjoying their new Halloween home.

How cute?

If you can’t resist this incredible (and useful) piece of Halloween decor, it’s available at your local Target right now.

The Hyde & EEK! Boutique Basic Cat Scratcher is available here, for the bargain price of $16.99.
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