Cats love the holiday season. They sharpen their Christmas claws and prepare their little cat hearts to scratch and claw at any given moment. Whether they are scratching up presents, knocking off ornaments, tearing down string lights or just straight up causing trouble, the Christmas season really has endless opportunities for cats to wreak havoc.

Target has come up with the cutest and most practical solution to allow you to keep your decorations and your sanity in tact and keep your kitty best friend happy this season. Holiday cat scratchers have hit the shelves at Target and cats and their owners are thriving. These little houses are festive and fun and a fantastic way to keep your cats distracted while decorate your little elf heart out.


Introducing the holiday cat scratching post

Isn't. This. Amazing?! If you are a cat owner, you have to have one of these.

Cats in action

As you can see, these cats are absolutely loving their new holiday gift.

For a spooky cat

During Halloween, these Hide and Eek houses were available from Target as well to really get your cat in the mood for spooky season.

Want some hot cocoa?

Target sells the Hot Cocoa Double Deck cat scratcher and for only $16.99, you and your cat can have a furry fantastic holiday season.

Home sweet home

Does this cat not look incredibly happy in there? It's like it was made to fit in there.

You've got options

For a cat who has a more sophisticated taste, Target also sells a Santa's Cat Scratcher for $12.99.

Happy camper

Is this cat not living his best life? His owner obviously has great taste in fashion.

Life of luxury

This cat is balling out and has two cat scratching homes. It looks like he probably also calls the shots in the house.

Cozy kitty

Look at his little paws. This cat has made its home and is ready to serve up some cocoa.


There's also a conveniently located drive thru that comes with a little bell that the cats can, and will, play with.

Cocoa to go

Whoever designed this is creative AF and knows how much cats like milk.

The reviews are in

Cats are loving it, but so are their owners. One review on Target's website said her cats "were so excited! They instantly used the scratcher and were extra loving that night. A plus is that the art on the cat houses is so elegant it’s perfect to have out anywhere in your house during the holidays!"

Two paws up

"Our family absolutely loved this adorable cat scratcher cottage! It’s PURFECT & our cats LOVED it too!" another happy customer left this positive review, clearly satisfied with their purchase.
It's amazing that this little cardboard decorated house can bring so much joy to your furry friend. It's pretty much all of their favorite things, hiding, scratching things, laying on top of stuff. All it needs is some cat nip inside and it's the perfect kitty Airbnb.

A home for every holiday

Here's the Halloween house set up next to the holiday house, both looking beautiful with those naked cats cozied up inside.

Candy cane dreams

This was another holiday cat scratcher for those cats who desire the simpler things in life, but can appreciate a little bit of the Christmas spirit.

More where that came from

via: Amazon

If these two styles aren't really your cats type, there are some good options on Amazon as well, like this Gingerbread house that sells for $32.99.

In the arms of an angel

via: Amazon

ASPCA also sells a holiday cat scratching house that comes with cat nip, an extra treat for your cat bestie.

Kitty Castle

If you think your cat is royalty, then this could be another really great option. Note: kittens not included.

Snuggle season

Cats are really loving this trend and you wouldn't even have to break the bank to make your cat this happy. It's a great gift choice for all your cat loving friends as well.