Target Selling Inflatable Pool That Fits Three Adults so Call Your BFFs | 22 Words

One thing everyone is looking forward to this year is summer.

As we're stocking up on sunscreen and colorful hats, BEST has compiled a list of new summer must-haves that will make the hot season so much easier. Particularly for those of us who are planning to have weekly pool parties all summer long.

We even went the extra mile and picked out the most fun of them.

Every good pool party host makes sure their guest have plenty to eat and plenty to drink. That's why summer-themed margarita glasses, inflatable drink holders, ice cream makers, and fruit kegs have all made our list.

But we also didn't forget inflatable pools.

In fact, Target has just released 6 new Minnidip designs that can fit up to 3 adults in them. It's a perfect option for those who don't have or don't  want  to have a backyard big enough for an actual pool.

These new summer 2019 must-haves will take your pool parties to another level.

BEST has compiled a list of the best new items you should start this year's summer with. Even just looking at them gets you excited for the upcoming season of fun.

An inflatable beer pong table.

It has a built-in cooler to hold your beer cans to make sure you never have to leave the pool or the game.

A very cool cooler.

Once summer hits you’re going to need somewhere to store the six-packs of soda.

Fancy margarita glasses.

Bonus points for glasses with unusual stems, colors, and decorations.

A reusable straw.

This FinalStraw model is collapsible and easy to carry around because you can hook it to your keys.

An ice cream maker, duh!

On-demand ice cream in almost no time. Most importantly, don't forget the sprinkles!

Or, you can make snow cones instead.

No sprinkles with this one though. But people seem happy anyway.

Inflatable drink holders.

With these, your favorite drink is less likely to end up in the water. Make sure to get them in a tropical design though.

Giant inflatable pizza slices.

You can buy these as a full pizza with detachable pieces or you can just get one for yourself.

Disposable instant camera.

Major advantage: it's much less of a loss if it gets into the water compared to your phone.

Ice Pop Molds, of course.

Create popsicles with your favorite flavors. Hint: you can also make them out of homemade strawberry daiquiri.

Flame torches.

Maybe not close to the drinks table. We wouldn’t want you to lose good liquor to a fire.

Fruit kegs.

Who needs regular kegs and their calories? With one of these, you take in at least 1 of your 5 a day.

Round beach blankets.

Even if you’re not heading to the beach, a round blanket will be a fun addition to a small party for the truest BFFs only.

Sphere string lights.

A little goes a long way. Especially when you’re having a pool party and all the lights will be reflected in the water anyway.

Quality grilling baskets.

Can’t keep your guests hungry.

A hammock.

Why not? It will add to the summer vibe.

Finally, to complete your pool party with the key ingredient, Target has just released a new collection of Minnidip inflatable pools.

They're bigger than the usual inflatable pools meaning you can share them with your kids or full-grown friends.

They're 1.5 feet tall and 5.5 feet wide.

Target says up to 3 adults can fit in one of these. Incredible.

They call the Minnidip "the first designer inflatable pool" because it was designed by La Vaca, says Scary Mommy.

They come in 6 trendy summer prints that are sure to match your bathing suit.

Each pool only costs forty dollars.

So that means not only is it available to everyone but you can even get two or more. Summer is all about colors after all.

Each pool also weighs only 10 pounds and takes up to 10 minutes to set up.

The Minnidip might just become your new relaxing treat after a hard day working that nine-to-five.

It’s also a real treat for all the minimalists and nomads out there.

No need to commit to a huge backyard pool or even a backyard. Plus, the 6 fun prints will never get boring so you can use the pools until you find holes in them. Maybe.

The "Fresh Cut" design.

Just like its sisters (or brothers), this one promises "premium soft-touch non-toxic vinyl" and easy set-up. It's supposed to create "an organic paradise inspired by colorful paper art."

"That's Bananas."

This one is going to "bring tropic vibes wherever you dip... backyards, patios, and rooftops." All you've got to do is "bust out your pineapple tumblers and feel the palm breeze."

"Soak in Some Watercolor."

Just like real watercolor, this inflatable pool can paint "the perfect picture of summer fun" in your backyard.

"Dipped in Ink."

Not everyone likes summer in color. That's who the black and white "Dipped in Ink" design is for. It "brings monochromatic beauty and chic texture to pool party fun."

"Squeeze the Day."

When life throws you lemons… you make a pool party out of them. This one promises to "instantly turn a lemon of a day into lemonade."

"Just Add Watermelon."

Last but not least of the 6 new Minnidip designs, "Just Add Watermelon" is for those who like a "refreshingly cool summer."

Now you can have impromptu pool parties with your friends.

But who are we kidding? If it was up to me, the 3 person pool would be just for me.