They say that diamonds are forever, but so are tattoos. Usually, these pieces of art sit beautifully on the skin and are admired for generations. Despite their beauty and craftsmanship, people with tattoos often find themselves being asked questions along the line of “you know that's forever, right?"

Well, it turns out there are some things tattoo artists will refuse - and the list might shock you.

Tattoos are becoming more and more commonplace.


It seems basically everyone has some ink these days.

The possibilities are endless!


You can immortalize anything on your body these days.

But it turns out, there are some limits ...


And some of them might surprise you!

A Reddit thread has gone viral this week ...


And it contains a conclusive list of all the requests tattoo artists have turned down.

Because we've all seen some pretty awful tatts over the years.

And we're wondering why the tattoo artist didn't turn down these awful inkings ...

Batman Villains Copycat

This looks a case similar to a child tracing over a complex image with a colored pencil and expecting it to look just as good. It's not bad, it's slightly similar, but it certainly isn't as impressive. Better luck next time.

It's Supposed To Be A Galaxy

It's not, obviously, but it's supposed to be. It's hard to tell exactly what galaxy they were going for, but unfortunately this huge piece looks like something a cat hacked up after eating Oops All Berries. Sometimes complex blending bleeds and has trouble healing, this doesn't appear to be the case in this tattoo. It just looks like the artist needs way more practice, and left this poor client with one heck of a painful cover up in the future.

Marilyn Mon-No

Portrait work is hard. Getting all of those details in on paper or canvas is hard enough, so imagine taking that advanced technique and applying it to tattooing on a bleeding, wincing, moving skin canvas. That said, there are still great portrait tattooists out there doing amazing work. This isn't one of them.

Lions On A Cross

Sometimes moving from concept to actualization just doesn't go as planned. This is truly an unfortunate example of that. Was there not enough space for the detail work? Was the concept too complex? One may never know, but what's easily digestible is that this tattoo just didn't work out.

Howling Wolf

The noble wolf is the subject of many first tattoos, last tattoos, and every tattoo in between. They stand for nobility, family, strength, and even magic. This wolf, however, stands for "you tried," as its execution leaves much to be desired. Thought we're sure that the artist has worked hard to improve and master their craft after this unfortunate incident.

Johnny Cesh

Getting a tattoo feels a lot like that part of your skin fell into a burning ring of fire. It burns, but the pain is usually worth enduring as you emerge with a new, beautiful piece of art.  That, however, was not the case with this Johnny Cash tribute. A moment of silence, for classics lost.

Playboy Bunny

There was a time where this tattoo was the absolute one to get. It meant owning your sexuality and declaring your status as a sexy vixen. Unfortunately this tattoo went a little sideways. The lines lack straight definition that makes it appear this bunny had way too much coffee. Though there have probably been more bad iterations of this tattoo than good ones, so perhaps this is just the standard.

Portrait of Mom

This tattoo was probably meant to be a sweet homage to the memory of a parent. It clearly became a nightmare as the end product looks like something closer to what you'd find on the set of a horror film. Hopefully the client was able to have an amicable fix to this tragedy.

Giddyup Cowgirl

This looks like an attempt at a sexy cowgirl, but it unfortunately took a big left turn somewhere. The piece looks scrunched and off, and that's before the line work and flag are broken down. Hopefully the client was able to get this one touched up for free.

But these tattoo artists have their limits.


Reddit asked tattoo artists what they would refuse to do.

And let's just say...


They had some truly shocking answers.

Some claimed they refuse any "crude" designs.


"I really don't need that dude telling people that that's my work."

But there's one request that many agreed they'd never do.


"Girlfriend's and boyfriend's names."

Though that wasn't the only one...

"Even husband's and wive's names are kind of a bad idea as it's not unusual for the relationship to go south after getting the tattoo."


"Currently with a tattoo artist, and yes, couple's names are on the never, not doing it list."

Another had a sneaky plan.


"My guys don't flat out tell people 'no' they usually give a crazy outlandish price and that turns people off."

"And when a friend of ours wanted a girl's name on him and wouldn't take no for an answer, we did the name in red and orange so it was more likely to fade, and easier to cover."


"Some will get offended and assume I owe them a service, and tell me I'm just a s*** tattoo artist, but most the time they understand the reasonings and end up getting something else that day thankfully."

And there was one other tattoo that came up.

"I asked this question to the artist who did my tattoo. He said they refused to do stars in his shop."


"Apparently stars are for people who want a tattoo but don't know what they want."

So, there you have it! For more tattoo stories, scroll on...