Tattoo Fails That Will Make You Wonder What People Could Have Possibly Been Thinking

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Tattoos can be literal works of art etched onto the skin.

Or they can be waking nightmares.

These tattoos are of the nightmare variety.

Yikes. This seems like it should be a drunken mistake, but from the way this guy is (not) dressed, I’m pretty sure this guy is proud of it…

Yeah… That’s not how clocks are numbered.

This guy actually got his car’s VIN number tattooed on his body. On the plus side, he’ll always have it on hand for filling out DMV forms. On the other hand, THIS WON’T BE HIS CAR FOREVER.

Oh nooooooooo. That kid’s initials may be TSD, but that tattoo looks an awful lot like STD.

You can’t just make words have the same number of letters in them! That’s not how it works! This next one is truly awful…

Man, the New York Yankees logo looks so easy to draw, doesn’t it? And then, you get that tattoo needle in your hand and it becomes the hardest task in your entire tattooing career, apparently.

Cool, very corpse-like. Unless that mom is current;y in a state of living death (like she’s been bitten by a zombie and is seconds away from turning), she’s going to be disappointed.

As the hero who got this tattoo valiantly attempted to explain, “For those of you who think I spelled my tattoo wrong, I didn’t. I wanted to spell it wrong because the real meaning of ‘Veni Vidi Vici” is ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’ and I don’t feel like I have achieved those last two. Once I do them then I will get my tattoo spelled the right way.”

First of all, I don’t know what a “ting miracle” is. And second, this baby is going to be born in about 54 years, and I. Am. Ready.

That’s not a suit. Sorry, but that is just not a suit. It’s not a suit.

This is actually a beautiful tattoo that honors the spirit and unique personality of a very special woman. (I assume this grandma was, in fact, t-shirt designer Ed Hardy.)

Oh no, the Johnny Cash is melting. Can someone take it inside and put it in the fridge?

Imagine getting a tattoo from the guy who invented spirals! Wow. That’d be huge.

It looks like Bugs Bunny hit this hawk in the head with an over-sized cartoon mallet.

Wow, I didn’t know Professor Quirrell was such a tough biker dude in his early days. Really makes his final confrontation with Harry Potter in front of the Mirror of Erised that much scarier, don’t you think?

Friend bought a tattoo gun on amazon for £100. Tattooed Darth Vader on himself.[account deleted]

I know we’re rippin’ on tattoos over here, but I think it’s actually very sweet that this guy got the drawing of the Mortal Kombat character he designed when he was 14 who has infinite fatalities on his back.

According to the original poster, this was “supposed to be a galaxy.” And while we impossibly small human beings are incapable of ever seeing all that the great infinities offered by the furthest reaches of space, I promise you they looks nothing like that.

This is, like, an early Adult Swim version of Marilyn Monroe, and I personally think a super random sitcom about her being friends with a platypus who swears would be a lot of fun.

This tattoo started out so promising, making us all think nothing could ever possibly go wrong. And then we saw it and we were like “what am I supposed to be looking at here?” This tattoo has the same energy as the movie Batman V. Superman.

Oh no. Oh, they went to a second tattoo guy, said “please hide that extra ‘S’,” and the second tattoo guy also made a colossal mistake. Maybe it’s time they just gave up and got a big black square on that whole shoulder?

“Sick vape, brah. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to go with another candidate.” – every job interview this guy is going to go on for the rest of his life.

Wow, Facebook is really the epicenter of bad tattoos, isn’t it? It’s like San Francisco in 1848 and the bad tattoo gold rush is on.

Always have an editor proofread your tattoos.

There’s truly something about Dragon Ball Z that leads to some of the worst tattoos in this or any galaxy. Maybe Goku should collect all the Dragon Balls and wish for his fans to start getting good tattoos?

This is almost for sure not what the artist was going for, but this is as cute a rendition of James Hetfield as I’ve ever seen. It almost looks like a Funko Pop version of the guy. Adorbs.

Oh no, something’s happened to Mario’s arm. He broke it and twisted it all around. Who’s going to save the princess now?

It’s my party and I’ll lose hoope if I want to/ lose hoop if I want to/ lose hooooooop if I want to.

If you can’t quite make it out, this tattoo reads, and I quote, “Never it’s too late.” It’s like they tried to rewrite their tattoo and it accidentally got published as a weird hybrid of two sentences.

Please tell me this person is a doctor who just really cares about their patients. Please.

Again, it’d be easy to make fun of this tattoo, but it’s based off an actual self-portrait Ben Franklin did of himself (in the time before drawing was invented).

It would be very funny to show this tattoo to that baby and have the baby go, “who’s that supposed to be? … Me? Oh. Dude. F*ck you.”

If there’s one thing we know about memes, it’s that they stay funny forever and never get old or dull or embarrassing.

Hey, sometimes you’ve only got a few minutes to both get a tattoo and throw down a Subway sandwich on your lunch break, so you just take what they can give you in that amount of time!

Okay, so this is actually a pretty well-done tattoo, but, like, why? Combining Dragon Ball Z and King of the Hill just opens up all kinds of questions about what is and isn’t canon. Doesn’t feel worth it.

It’s supposed to be a constellation of stars. It does not look like a constellation of stars.

Props to this woman for the Nickelback pun, and also for having the courage to beg for a free cover-up while putting it all out there.

The thing is… All tattoos are permanent. Even “test” tattoos.

You might always be exactly where you’re supposed to be, but guess what isn’t? The “d” in “supposed.”

Um, yeah, if this is how the phases of the moon worked, things would be crazy all of the time. Oy with the next one…

Maybe don’t get a tattoo of a meme that won’t be popular forever and also maybe don’t get a tattoo of something that’s a trick of the light. That doesn’t work with ink on skin.

This person got this tattoo to protest the captivity of animals at SeaWorld. I don’t know how this accomplishes that. Really, all it makes me want to do is protest people getting tattoos.

Of course a white guy got a terrible tattoo of Tupac on a unicorn. Of course.

It gets better, usually, unless it’s already tattooed on your body. Then it can’t get better because tattoos are permanent.

Tattoos are permanent. Pregnancy is not.

Lesson learned. When you take an existing tattoo to an artist, make sure they won’t also copy the body part the tattoo surrounds.

I don’t know why this hard-to-read message is in the form of a word search, but I don’t like. I don’t like it one bit.

Nothing good ever started with the sentence, “A friend of mine recently got a new tattoo gun.” Just don’t even finish the story.

Uh oh. I don’t think these people know that “due” should be “do” or that tattoos don’t have to be written in your terrible handwriting.

A noble effort, but a fail nonetheless.