Taylor Swift has helped a student achieve her dream of going to university this week, and it's an incredibly touching story...

It's no secret that university comes with a hefty price tag.

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Tuition fees, accommodation, textbooks, laptops... it all mounts up to a lot of money, that quite simply, not everyone has.

And sadly, because of this...

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So many deserving and talented people miss out.

But, not if Taylor Swift has anything to do with it...

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The star has hit the headlines this week for giving the ultimate gift to one lucky student.

And when you read the story of the student she helped out...

It's utterly inspiring.

Taylor Swift started her career in the music industry pretty early.

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After catching the eye of Scott Borchetta, a Dreamworks Records executive at the time, she was signed to Big Machine Records which was a newly found independent label.

And she found fame almost instantly.

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Taylor released her self-titled debut album, in 2006 and received a whole array of positive reviews from music critics including a glowing piece by The New York Times describing it as "a small masterpiece of pop-minded country, both wide-eyed and cynical, held together by Ms. Swift's firm, pleading voice."

The album sold 39,000 copies in its first week.

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Not a bad job for an eighteen-year-old newbie writing her own cutesy material.

But her second album was the one that really blew up for her.

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With hits like "Love Story" and "White Horse", Taylor found herself being propelled to superstardom and the album debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart.

And fast forward ten years, she has now achieved accolades that only artists dream about.

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IMDB describes Swift as "a multi-Grammy award-winning American singer/songwriter who, in 2010 at the age of 20, became the youngest artist in history to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. In 2011 Swift was named Billboard's Woman of the Year. She also has been named the American Music Awards Artist of the Year, as well as the Entertainer of the Year for both the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music, among many other accolades. As of this writing, she is also the top-selling digital artist in music history."

So it's safe to say she has cemented herself in the industry.

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There were a few bumps in the road, but she became a source of inspiration for other young women trying to get into the industry with their own content.

However, where there is good, there is always bad.

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The journey wasn't an easy one, but Swift hardly discussed the dark side of the business, until very recently. She seemed to get sick of keeping up the pretense that everything was okay when behind the scenes, she was struggling with aspects of her personal and professional life.

But even though those difficult times, she managed to produce some quality content.

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We all know Taylor Swift is an amazing songwriter and music producer, but there’s one thing she doesn’t get enough credit for… And that’s her overall creative talents.

The headlines about her started becoming more and more negative because of his actions.

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But you know what they say: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

After spending years trying to resist the negative press, she ended up giving in to the “psycho" image that they kept promoting thinking it would save her from any further damage…

But in fact, it did the complete opposite.

Instead, people branded her as “arrogant" and a “try-hard" and noticed her obvious attempts to stay relevant in the industry. At this point, it seemed as though she couldn’t do anything right.

So, it was time to take a break.

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And after a year of healing, she came back with a gentle vengeance. And that’s where her new music comes into play…

Her new album, Folklore, received rave reviews from critics and fans.

She seems to be on a real winning streak with her music.

And it seems she's also no stranger to a good deed.

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An aspiring mathematician who could not afford to pay for university in the UK has received the most surprising gift from the singer this week.

After receiving top grades, Vitoria Mario from north London had been offered a place at the University of Warwick.

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But, having moved to Britain from Portugal 4 years ago, she is not eligible for maintenance loans or grant to help with the costs.

Tragically, her father has died and her mother lives in Portugal.

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"Moving away from her was a challenge but it was a sacrifice worth being made in my family's eyes," she said.

Mario said her family lacked the finances to support her.

So, she set up a GoFundMe page to raise the money needed to pay for her accommodation, a laptop, textbooks, and general living costs.

And this week it received a shocking donation.

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Taylor Swift donated a whopping $30,000 to enable Mario to accept her offer at university.

Mario says that the singer's donation is a "dream come true."

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"I was worrying too much about the money, what I have to do, and if I have to look for a job. She actually made my dream come true," she told the BBC. 

What an incredible gesture.

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