Teacher Buys New Outfit to ‘Twin’ With Boy Bullied Over SpongeBob Shoes

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A teacher has purchased a new outfit to “twin” with his pupil after a boy was bullied for wearing SpongeBob shoes.

Darla Collins Mullins praised her son’s teacher in a post submitted to LoveWhatMatters.

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The young boy had loved his SpongeBob shoes when his mom brought them for him and he couldn’t wait to wear them to school.

Mullins explained that: “He was so proud of the awesome new shoes he picked out all on his own. He couldn’t wait to wear them to school because he just knew all of his classmates would think they were as cool as he did.”

However, when the boy wore them to school, it didn’t go as planned and he “came straight home from school, put the shoes in a dark part of the closet, and never said a word to me.”

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The next morning, when getting ready for school, the boys mom asked about the shoes and he replied telling her that he couldn’t find them.

So, his mom “went into his closet and searched until I found them” then she “went over, put them on him, and hurried him out the door” without thinking much of it.

Upon arriving at the school, the mom was approached by somebody who asked how her son “was doing and if he had said anything to me about his shoes.”

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They explained that “while he was in class the day before, one of his classmates said his shoes were ugly. The teachers redirected the student and had them apologize.”

“My mommy heart broke for him, but I wouldn’t stop asking him to wear his shoes because they show who he is and I won’t let him allow the opinions of others to change his own,” the mom explained.

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But, it was all fixed with the help from a teacher…

The boys teacher, Jarrod Walls, who “always goes above and beyond for his students,” knew what happened and “ordered himself a pair of super cool shoes so they could be twins.”

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So now, the boy is “so excited to wear his shoes again, to match one of his favorite teachers.”

What a great teacher!