Teacher Creates Ingenious Exam Question To Find Cheaters and Catches 14 Students

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When one teacher became fed up of pupils cheating, they decided to create an ingenious exam question to try and catch out any cheaters in the class.

And surprisingly, it worked!

Scroll on to find out how…

Now, when it comes to school tests, there’s one thing pretty much all school children can agree on…

They hate them, right?

Although they are good at testing what children have learnt, they also put a lot to pressure on children.

Especially as some may have the knowledge but not perform well under pressure.

And sometimes, that pressure can cause children to turn to one thing…


You know the drill…

Writing the answers on your hand, looking a your friends work or sneaking a search on your phone.

Well, when one teacher had enough of their pupils cheating on tests. So, they decided to create an ingenious question to catch them out.

And people have a lot to say about it…

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In a post on Reddit, a student explained that their teacher devised a plan to catch out any cheaters.

The student in the engineering class explained that half way through their classes final exam, a large proportion of the class left to use the bathroom, the Mirror reports.

The Reddit user explained that they presumed most people were using the bathroom break as an opportunity to look up answers on their phones.

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They said it annoyed them that people were doing that, however they stayed focused on their paper.

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The question was split into 2 parts.

Part A, which they said was “fairly easy,” and part B, which they said they had no idea how to do so, had left blank as it only counted for 5 marks out of 100.

A little while later when all test had been marked, the students received an email from their teacher explaining his plan to catch out any cheaters.

Knowing that many students would use the internet to find exam answer and having become fed up of it, the teacher decided to use it against them.

The student explained that the teacher “purposely made part B impossible to solve.”

Around a month before “the final he got a teaching assistant to ask the exact question [online], which was distinctly worded to be unique.”

The teacher then made his own account answered the question “with a bulls*** solution that seems right at first glance… but is actually fundamentally flawed and very unlikely that someone would make the same assumptions and mistakes independently.”

Of all the tests handed in and marked, fourteen pupils were caught out by the teachers plan.

Those who has cheated were given a score of 0, reported for violating the academic honor pledge and their names circulated to other teachers.

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Meanwhile, the students who hadn’t cheated were given full marks for the fake question.

What do you think of the teachers plan? Genius or cruel?