Teacher Fired After Her ‘Hot’ Selfie Was Posted Online

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A teacher has filed a $3 million lawsuit against her school district after she was fired over a leaked selfie.

Here’s what we know so far…

The then-twenty-five-year-old was suddenly and unexpectedly fired from Bellport Middle School in Long Island, New York, where she had worked as a math teacher.

There was a “nude” photograph being circulated amongst the school kids, and they were all saying it was her.

Who was completely unaware of any nude photograph of her being in existence at all.

Speaking to the Guardian, Lauren said: “I just thought it was impossible. I was almost offended that she thought it was a picture of me.”

Lauren was called to the principal’s office, where he had the selfie displayed on his monitor screen.

Back in 2015, she had sent the picture to one and one person only: a male colleague she was dating, who also happened to work in the same district.

Safeline.org describes this particular brand of revenge as the act of sharing explicit or sexual images or videos without the consent of the person in the image.

And forty-six states across the U.S. now have laws against it.

However, this was not taken into consideration in Lauren’s situation…

And she was suspended immediately. The school board then voted to fire her several months after the original meeting.

As the image was an “unwelcome distraction” and “not something students could unsee.”

And people were utterly outraged at the sheer injustice of her situation.

“I’ve never wanted to do anything else,” she said of her dream of being a math teacher. “I was so proud of myself and so proud of everything that I’ve accomplished being twenty-five-years-old and about to be granted tenure – all of these milestones were ripped away from me because of a picture of my upper body.”

She went on to sue the school district for gender discrimination on the grounds that a male teacher would not have been fired in the same way as she had been.

But, in May this year, Ray announced their “groundbreaking victory” when a judge ruled that their $3 million lawsuit could finally move ahead. “This is a signal victory for women, and for the millennial generation,” Ray said. “The prurient mindset of outdated generations is drawing to an end.”

“Why should a woman be harassed in this way? Men are bare-chested, there are bare-chested swimmers, men-bare chested working in ditches, cutting front lawns, there are bare-chested men on the Super Bowl. No one gets upset about their breasts. The only distinction between them and her is, they both have nipples. Hers can suckle children and his cannot. It’s absurd.”

This is the photo that started it all.

Who’d have thought this single photo could bring a young woman’s career to a grinding halt? Something needs to change. For more unjust stories of dismissal, keep scrolling…