Teacher Fired For Slapping 4-Year-Old Boy For Throwing Tantrum

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A teacher has been fired for “beating” a young boy in his class. But parents are siding with him…

As parents, we expect teachers to be role models to our kids…

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And for our children to be safe and cared for when going to school.

However, sometimes discipline is necessary…

But when is it too much?

A gym teacher has been banned from the profession…

After smacking a 4-year-old boy on the knees when he threw a tantrum.

And people have given a lot of mixed responses…

Fifty-six-year-old Ian Webber smacked the child at an after-school football club…

He carried the boy on his shoulders across the court in May 2018, before the “assault” took place.

He warned the boy:

“If you kick me again, I’ll smack you,” before slapping him on the knees.

The Teaching Regulation Agency found out this happened after Webber repeatedly told the boy not to pull students’ notes off a school display board…

He initially denied assaulting the boy but was found guilty of beating during a court hearing in February 2019.

He has now been banned from teaching for life…

Webber was also previously issued a warning after flicking a child’s throat in 2016 but his “conduct towards young children had become worse.”

​The panel chairman, Alan Meyrick, ruled: “His conduct involved inappropriate physical contact with a very young nursery-aged child.”

“It involved repeated slapping of a four-year-old child on the knees in response to his behavior at an after-school football practice.
“Furthermore, the conduct took place in the context of an earlier written warning at the same school (in 2016) following previous inappropriate physical contact by Mr. Webber towards another child.”

They continued…

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“In light of the panel’s findings against Mr Webber… there was a strong public interest consideration in respect of the protection of pupils.
“The panel was of the view that prohibition was both proportionate and appropriate. Mr Webber’s glaring lack of remorse concerning what he did and clear lack of insight into its effect was a significant factor in forming that opinion.
‘”Despite the findings of the criminal court, at which he denied any wrongdoing, he maintained his denials before this panel.”

During his trial, the teacher of sixteen years denied the claims and said the sound could have been him giving the boy a “high five.”

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But District Judge David Robinson found Webber guilty of “assault by beating” after saying the evidence was “clear and plausible.”

The boy who appeared in court said Webber smacked him “very hard” on the legs for “being naughty.”

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Webber was then ordered to pay court costs of £850 ($1200) and a victim surcharge of £20 ($28).

​At the time, Judge Robinson said: “Mr. Webber I take into account that you were dealing with a difficult situation.

“You were doing the right thing until you did wrong. You were the adult and he was the child. You responded to being kicked and punched. This was an isolated offense in a long teaching career.
“You have made an outstanding contribution as a PE teacher. This is likely to have a significant impact on your future. I found the evidence of the four boys clear and plausible. I believe the boys.
“I’m sure he is guilty of the 2 slaps alleged and I’m sure a conditional discharge is appropriate.”

After the case, pupils and parents raised more than £6,000 ($8500) for Webber, to cover the court costs.

The ban has left him unable to teach in any setting.
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