26-Year-Old School Teacher Is Embracing Her Gray Hair After Years of Dyeing It

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A twenty-six-year-old school teacher is now embracing her natural gray hair after spending years dyeing it.


Because as many of us can agree…

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The mere thought of going completely grey is terrifying! But thankfully, the majority of us don’t have to worry about this small sign of ageing for quite some time.


However, Lauren Midgley from Alberta, Canada was only twelve when she noticed her first gray and ever since then, she’d been doing her best to conceal each new strand.

But soon, 1 or 2 strands became 3 or 4 and then straight into the double digits. It started to become difficult to keep up with the tiring routine of constantly dyeing her hair but for a few years, Lauren continued to do the chore.
Most of the grays were located at the top of her head so they were easily noticeable if not maintained.


It was only 2 years ago when things changed completely.

“My mom found my first grey hair when I was twelve years old,” she wrote on Instagram. “She always warned me that I might go grey earlier than most, but I never imagined I’d be so young. As I got older, the grey patch at the very top of my head became harder and harder to cover.”


“My lovely hairdresser convinced me to embrace it and I stopped covering my grey hair at twenty-four,” she continued.

“I’ve now been growing it out for 2 years, and get low lights a few times a year to help it blend more since I’m not completely grey. I am learning to embrace it more and more every day.
“I am a teacher and my little students are often baffled – ‘you don’t even have kids yet and your hair is so grey!’ I just blame them for stressing me out! But really I should blame, or rather thank, my mom!”


Lauren often finds people don’t believe she could be so grey so young, so she’s been documenting her hair journey on Instagram.

Her posts give other people, especially other women, the confidence to embrace their natural selves.
We’re in love with it!